Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 18, 2008

Tough Minnesotan


You know that you are true Minnesotans when this is your conversation at 5am. 

Me … “so, how cold is it out this morning?”

Loren … “oh it isn’t too bad really … only about 10 below”

Me … “oh that is nice”

When I thought about this later I thought that maybe I must have been pretty tired to respond with “oh that is nice”, but it’s been colder and so maybe I just figured he was going to come up with a larger number.   :)  I checked the temp at 8am when I went to feed the chickens and it was 18 below zero so I think that it might have actually been colder than 10 below zero when he was thinking it was so balmy!   With windshields I am sure it was much much colder, and the weekend is supposed to bring much more cold.  Welcome to January!  Good thing we are tough Minnesotans and actually like it.  :) 



  1. Liar liar pants on fire!

    You do not like it admit it sis.

    Sister Teresa called me last night from Key West, it was in the 80’s all week so she was bragging. That is almost a 100 degree difference from MN! Boy, that will be a shock when she gets back tomorrow.

    I will give you this, you are all certainly tough up there. I am no match for cold.

    hmmm, if your pants are on fire when you lie, no wonder you say you like it – you are trying to stay warm!


  2. I am really not a liar … I can’t say that I hate the cold. I wouldn’t say that I LOVE it, but I definitely don’t hate it. I would much rather be cold then hot … my theory is that you can only get so naked, but you can always add a layer. I am fortunate enough to not have to get in and out of a cold car all day or anything, but I do travel to and from the chicken coop a few times and that is mighty cold. I think that I just might be tougher (or crazier) then you think. :)

  3. Well you are certainly tougher than me because I can say without any reservation that I hate being cold.

    I am poor excuse for a Viking and disgrace to my Norwegian heritage.

    [Davie hangs head is shame]

  4. Tomorrow AM, it should be about 1 degree but wind chill warnings are in effect that say it will feel like 15-30 below zero. Since Matthew’s yoga-inspired stretch and strengthening class starts at 9 AM (catchy title, huh?) and I walk now that it’s closeby, your Dad thinks I should wear his long underwear over my special pants that breathe (which means they don’t block the wind if they don’t stop the sweat from evaporating). No, I can’t put them on underneath because they are too tight to fit anything in them but me, especially after a month of Christmas cookies. :) If I could go through the Hardee’s hedge and through the neighbor across the street’s garage it would take 45 seconds. But I have to walk 1/2 block west, 1/2 block south and then 1/2 block east to arrive at his door. Not far, but I COULD freeze I suppose. It might be worth it to see the expression on his face when I blow in the door! :)

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