Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 21, 2008

Christmasless and Coffee Fabric

It happened … Forever Christmas of 2007 finally was packed up and stored away this past weekend.  It was sortof hard to see it go because I really didn’t mind that it was still up, but seriously … it was up since Nov. 23rd and didn’t come down until January 19th … that is pretty rediculous.  So now my livingroom is back to normal and I gotta admit that it is pretty nice not to have that huge Christmas task staring at me through dust covered candy canes and ornaments all day.


In addition to taking Christmas out I did a little work in the kitchen.  I have mentioned  on more then one occasion about how I would really like to at least paint my numerous kitcen cabinets that scream baby blue at me each time I enter. 


But I didn’t get them pained before winter hit and so it will be a spring project if I can bring myself to paint all those cupboards.  The thought makes me a little sick cause that is a lot of work and this procrastinator is no dumby … 42 cupboard fronts and drawers is no simple task.   So because they will stay this color for at least a few more months if not years I decided to at least change up the valances. 

Last week while shopping with Martha for her wedding dress fabric I came across some really fun fabric and deciced I just had to have it.  I don’t know if it was the bright lights or if they pump special “shopping air” into a fabric store but I lose all contoll and my budget goes right out the window.   So in an impulse I bought bright turquois-ish fabric with coffe cups and latte’s on it.  Cute … but it really doesn’t match … not really at all with my baby blue-ness.    I think it was the first time that I purchased fabric for a purpose and that was not on the clearance rack. 

I am pretty particular about things matching and so when it was obvious that the fabric really wasn’t going to match I considered forgoing my plan of a fun kitchen despite my cupboards.  But the fabric was there, and I had no other use for it that I could think of, however today it seems that a fun apron would have been a great plan B.  Oh well.   Plus, I picked up this fun rug too … How silly would he look all alone in a baby blue kitchen? 


So in the end I made the valances.


and put them up …



Even though they don’t really match, they are hanging up and at least they are fun and something new, even though secretly it bothers me that they really don’t match!  When I asked Loren what he thought of the new valances that don’t match he said with a smile “they match close enough for me!”.  He is so good like that. 

Now I just have to get the flock of roosters out of the way because they really don’t match either … but I don’t have many “coffee themed” items to replace them with quite yet, since I hadn’t planned on making coffee my kitchen theme any time this soon, if ever!  And it might not last too long since the unmatching valances might just be enough motivation to paint the cupboards in the spring. 

That darn “shopping air” sure does work on me! 



  1. I think you should paint the cupboards a tan and the walls a different shade of the same tan lighter or darker. I love the curtains! I found some red fabric coffee cups on line and might make that for Laura’s kitchen.

  2. Very cute valences. Sadly, I’m not a sew-er but my mom has made me theme valences for my kitchen. I have one for nearly every holiday/season now. And they don’t match anything.

  3. I think they look really cute, and “perk up” your kitchen. :)

  4. Nice one Mom.

    Sorry I am a little latte to the conversation.

  5. I think they look like a “latte” fun!!

    PS…I want to see a picture of the ‘new’ garage! =)

  6. I should have “bean” reading better…I just saw that your brother used ‘latte’.

  7. Better latte than never, Tina! David, every once in a while I just have to be punny.

  8. Oh you guys are too funny. See, I would never even think of that stuff. :)

    Oh and Tina … the garage never got done! Surprised? Ha! :) But the car started just fine and so since it started when it was like 20 below I don’t anticipate the cleaning of the garage project will be a top priority anytime too soon.

  9. What a beautiful home you have!

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