Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 22, 2008

Going to the Chapel Update

Last week I finally shared the great news that Martha is getting married!  And well, she finally sent me some engagement pictures too … so it is even more official with the smiling engaged couple. 


Last weeks little shopping day wasn’t too bad, Martha did a great job of making decisions and we accomplished a ton!  Our crew of travelers to find the perfect materials for the dress were myself, Ms. Martha (the bride to be), Iris (Martha’s Mom), and Marilyn (the sewer of the dress!).  It was a fun day. 

First we looked at patterns … this was by far the most time consuming part of the day.  Good grief it was tough to find just the right one. 



Finally Marilyn had Martha draw out her perfect dress and it was decided to combine a couple of patterns to make that happen.  Marilyn is very gifted in sewing and so even though the thought of making a wedding dress terrifies me, she has no problem making one and in addition, making up a pattern. 


Then they picked out the fabrics which went pretty smoothly.  Because Marilyn has made more then a few dresses she pretty much knows which fabrics are best. 



We shopped in two fabric stores and found everything, or got everything ordered I should say, since some was not in stock.  We even found fabric for my dress.  We didn’t know what color it would even be until we found this cool red-ish color in the clearance section for $2.50 a yard!  That is a fantastic deal and so we snatched it up. 


By the end of the day both dresses were decided upon, we scheduled 3 bridal showers, and talked about all sorts of little details.  The trip to the chapel seems to be well on it’s way! 



  1. I want to see pics when the dresses are done!!

  2. What a fun day you had!! My daughter was just married on Saturday. And gee…the bridesmaid dresses were RED! In pictures it looks like your dress will be the same color. Check out my blog to see them.

    I’m so happy for Martha!

  3. What a good friend you are!

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