Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday … slipper style

Hard to believe that another Wordless Wednesday is upon us … seems like it was just a Wordless Wednesday.   Turns out that I haven’t had any “Wordless Wednesday Worthy” photo’s of late and so I had to dig deep … real deep … so deep that Loren was clean shaven!  I was trying to remember exactly when in the Fall the beard was grown but I can’t, but it’s been a few months I think, if not more.  With the cold Minnesota weather the beard really does help with the cold air on his baby face.  Ha.  Ok, he will not appreciate that at all, but it is staying cause it makes me laugh.  But really, you know how when a man is cleanly shaven and all smooth, it is sorta like a baby?  Yeah I know, it’s a stretch but in my head I know what I mean by baby face.  :)

So are you so curious to know what pictures are coming up?  Well, of course you can probably already see them I suppose.  These were taken in September  … apparently Loren was man enough to wear baby blue “best friends” slippers when his feet were chilly.  Ha.  These shots make me laugh … there are more then you really probably care to see, but I couldn’t decide on which ones.  I still haven’t found him “boy’ slippers and it has been months because well … he has huge feet and he is tough to buy shoes for without his actual foot.  In addition, we rarely shop together, if at all.  So for now, he borrows these in desperate situations and even though they are too small, they do the trick.  




Happy Wordless Wednesday! 

Ok, seriously I gotta stop calling it that!  This particular post has 299 words!



  1. TTEE HEEE! Hey whataver you gotta do to keep feet warm!

    Come check out my butt kicking post for today!

  2. Maybe it should be ‘wordy Wednesday’…heh. Nice slippers! Maybe you should crochet him a pair? Just keep adding rounds until they are big enough to lace onto his feet. :)

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