Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 24, 2008

It’s my own darn fault …


Today has not been the greatest of days … and it isn’t anybody’s fault but my own.   I mentioned that it was cold today right? …. like 25 below and so at 5:30am I was driving Loren to work in the car that started, leaving the truck that did not start home.  I had to be in town this morning to clean the church so I needed a vehicle. 

So I was home by about 6:30am and took a short nap cause when it is dark and cold I tend to want to sleep!   I fed and watered the chickens and knew that I should just keep going and get ready to get to the church.  Being on time would be of the essence since I was cleaning with a woman who scheduled our cleaning time and day3 weeks ago.  See, each week a group of 3 parishioners is assigned to clean the church.  It only takes maybe an hour or so with some vacuuming, cleaning of bathrooms, and dusting.  It’s a little church and not too big of a deal.  Every 8 months we are assigned a week to make sure that the job is done.  This is a relatively new process and the woman I was assigned with is very … what’s the right word … let’s just say “particular” … enough said. 

I should have continued to get ready … pajamas only work for driving Loren to work unexpectedly and feeding chickens.  I didn’t keep going though … instead I decided to blog.  That is why you had the fantastic Peanut Butter Pie Oh My! post that I am sure you loved!

The time that I started to blog was at exactly 9:13am … I still have no idea why I thought that I could post in 12 minutes and give myself 5 minutes to get dressed.  It would be a rush but I knew that I could do it.  Surprise surprise, it didn’t work out so well!  I did manage to get my post done by 9:32am which was pretty good but I still had to get dressed and out the door.  I just knew that I should not be late because I just knew that Ms. Betty would be waiting for me, and not know what was going on because I wasn’t there … but when you gotta blog you gotta blog!

I left the house at 9:37 … pretty good … and for most of you that know me well, you aren’t surprised that I was 7 minutes late.  7 minutes is sorta by “time” when it comes to being a tad bit late.  I have found that 7 minutes is just a small enough amount of time that doesn’t upset too many people.  10 minutes would be a whole other thing, but I just come in under the “oh it’s ok” wire with 7 minutes.  I don’t even plan it … it just happens that way. 

I get in the car … back out of the driveway, frantically getting situated and buckled in when I realize that I should really be turning a bit by now to avoid the snow bank.  Yep … you guessed it … right in the snow bank I went.  Thankfully I turned a little bit and avoided the small pine tree and also just enough to really wedge myself in.  Not a good deal. 



I was stuck good … I really should have gone in the house to get the camera but Ms. Betty’s face was the only thing in my mind.  After 20 minutes of digging and a couple pretty “desperate plea’s” to anyone that would listen … I was free! 


I still had to face Ms. Betty though and so my joy was short.  I got to the church in about 2 minutes which made it almost 10am.  See, a half an hour late isn’t something that you can get away with quite as well as my magical 7 minutes.  I told her that I got stuck.  She believed me … sorta … since we haven’t had any snow since the first week of December it did seem a bit far fetched.  Oh well.  She had only been there since 9:20am!  She called but go no answer … cause I was frantically digging myself out of a pile of snow.  The other girl that was supposed to help us out didn’t make it either. 

But in the end, the church was cleaned in less than an hour!  Loren went last night and vacuumed the entire upstairs of the church and the choir loft which was great.  

Thankfully … 8 months from now I won’t have to worry about snow … but this blogging thing still might be an issue! 



  1. Just send Betty to your blog so she can see the PROOF you were stuck! I have to laugh at your time management thoughts. Or lack thereof, maybe. All’s well that ends well! It was -20 at 7:30 this morning and 9 above at 3:30. What a welcome rise in temperatures. I saw on the weather forecast last night that we COULD have rain (?) on Sunday! What a change in a hurry.

  2. Hmm, your Betty sounds like another Betty I know.

    I once got stuck in a snowbank by almost missing a turn, realizing it, deciding I should turn after all, and then sliding into a snowbank. Luckily, two guys came along and pushed me out. I hate it when I actually have to shovel myself out–I’ve done that before, too.

    At least the job got done. You should send Betty some PB Pies to make up for being late. Ha.

  3. Poofer, I just love your blog because you always make me LAUGH!

    I think every Minnesotan has been in this kind of situation…..ah, memories! (Pardon me as I let my dog out into the balmy Florida evening air—just kidding; it’s actually pretty cold here right now.)

  4. Snowbanks – ah I remember those, they always seemed to appear in the worst possible place. Do you have the “plow banks” at the end of the driveway as well – those were my absolute favorites, especially when I was late!

    Speaking of late, I think it is extra funny that even though you were late – Betty late – you took the time to grab the camera, spy the artistic shovel shot, and take pictures for the blog.

    but this blogging thing still might be an issue!

    No sis, it is already an issue!

    Good thing it is the middle of winter because procrastinator + farm girl + spring + blog = trouble!

    I can hardly wait. :)

  5. Davie … I actually didn’t take the pictures until AFTER I got home, but I was tempted! :) We don’t have the big banks at the end of the driveway since Loren is so good about clearing the snow well. Oh, and Loren decided that I should probably clarify that I didn’t really get stuck in the driveway … I got stuck in the lawn! Ha. We have no idea how I got where I did … we stared at the evidence for much too long and finally concluded that there was just no way to explain it. Ha. I am pretty special I guess.

  6. I really enjoy the pictures you take. What camera and what lenses do you use?

  7. Joy … no real fancy camera here. It is an old Canon Powershot G1 that we got second hand from my sister-in-law last year after we got married. She purchased it second hand a few years ago so I don’t actually know how old it is. It is big and bulky and been around awhile. I don’t have any extra lenses, just the one attached. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I love how you have a 7 minute system. Thats so funny. I am one of those anal people about time. I get physically ill at the thought of being late but it doesn’t bother me as much if others are like since I am used to waiting because I am always early. I am going to time it though next time and see if 7 minutes is when I start to get itchy :)

  9. You crack me up, Poofergirl! The Rancher always says that you aren’t stuck if you can get yourself out without help from another vehicle (tractor). It doesn’t matter if it takes you two hours or two minutes to get your self unstuck…it just matters if you can do it by yourself. So I figure I have never been stuck all twenty some times that I had to dig myself out ;)

    I think he told me this so I would just begin to dig…rather walking back to the house to get him so he could dig. He’s a very smart man :)

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