Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 24, 2008

Mini Peanut Butter Pies Oh My!

Yummm ….


These are mini peanut butter pies.  They are delicious. 

It has been awhile since I have posted a recipe I realized and even though it is freezing out around here … like 25 below zero (before the wind chill factor …. I don’t even wanna know what that is!) and I should be posting something like hot cocoa or chicken noodle soup, but hey … this is what I have pictures of!  Ha. 

I made these last week to bring to a little dinner that we were invited to, believe it or not we are finally getting some “come on over for dinner” friends.  That is nice.  So since I was trying to impress, I went all out with individual little pies.  This recipe actually is intended to make one deep dish pie but I like the little ones.

So I made the crust (if you don’t make crust them buy one) and put them in muffin tins.  I only made a dozen and had quite a bit of filling left so if you choose to make mini ones I would suggest 18, possibly 24 if you are chincy on the filling.  I don’t make the little ones perfect on purpose … seriously I don’t … cause I like the character they have when they are slightly “unique”.


While the crust is baking I melted 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1 tablespoons of butter, and  3 tablespoons of water.  Then I pour a spoonfull in the bottom of each crust.  The actual recipe says to … (After melted and smooth, remove from heat and blend in 1/4 cup powdered sugar) … I don’t know why, but I don’t do it.  I suppose it would be thicker but for the mini ones it is hard to spread in such a small spot so I just skip that part.  Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t … I don’t know.  :)


Then you start the filling by melting 1 cup butter and 1 cup brown sugar together.  Cook until smooth.  I find that a good wisk and some extra effort works best to incorporate.  Let cool for 10 minutes in the fridge.  The recipe actually says “use timer” so whatever … use your best judgement.  Ha.  Incase you wondered, I don’t use a timer.  But then I am a bit of a baker rebel. 


When sugar and butter mixture are cool, beat in 1 cup peanut butter on low.  When mixed, add 12 oz. cool whip (or fresh whip cream if you live on our farm) by folding in to the peanut butter mixture. 



And your done!  Well, sorta.  You need to fill your pie shell.  I like it chilled, some like it room temp.  I would try it chilled first cause really, that is the best.  I garnish with some chocolate shavings or sometimes a piece of a hershey bar, or a peanut butter cup. 





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  2. I LOVE your peanut butter pie, so I bet these are scrumptious. I’d have to eat at least 4. :)

  3. My hubby would love you as his wife! Man, you have a gift in baking! You should come to dinner here! Bring your mini-pies sister!

  4. I’ve wanted your PB Pie recipe for years . . .so happy to finally have it!!

  5. I love that PB pie recipe, too! mmmm
    I just have to ask…is the “windshield factor” the same as a wind chill factor? I’m just curious if that’s your term for it.

  6. Aunt Jeri … HA! Ok so I totally messed that up … just proof that I really was in a hurry and even spell checker couldn’t figure that one out. Oh man. :)

  7. I honestly thought you called it that! I wasn’t pickin’ on you, really! :)

  8. Oh, these sound delicious! How do you get these little masterpieces out of the muffin pan without killing their beautiful looks? Are the tins oiled or do you use paper cup liners? I need to know! Thanks.

  9. Rose … I don’t do anything with the muffin tins … I suppose that there is enough fat (lard in my case) in the crust that they just pop right out. I haven’t ever had one stick. But I suppose that if you wanted re-assurance you could greese them or something?

  10. After reading about 10 chocolate peanut butter pie and tart recipes this is by far the winner. Thanks for your post…

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