Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 28, 2008

Believe it or not …

Believe it or not this procrastinator actually finished the last stitched towel that I was hoping to.  Hard to believe I know … but it is true.  Here is my proof. 


It is far from perfect and we sorta went back and forth on whether or not it should just be a “farm” towel here.  There are two imperfections. 

The first is that I ironed the transfer on the wrong side of the towel, so technically it is stitched on the back of the towel.  The only way you can tell is by the hem and well, you probably wouldn’t have noticed in the first place, but I wanna be honest about the errors.   I told Loren about the issue and he thought that we shouldn’t add it to the other two if it was on the back but I showed  it to him just to be sure it was that obvious and he said “oh you mean the yellow-ish part?” … Ummm , no … but that brings me to the second issue … there is an area that is “yellowed” … I have no idea why or how, it just is.  So after the “yellowed” discussion I said “ok but what about the fact that it is on the back?” and he said “Oh I wouldn’t have even noticed, it is more then fine.” 

So there are three towels for the bird houses. 

There is also a third addition to the “kitchen-ish” aka Kool-aid Gang set. 


Hopefully the dancing utensils are ok with everyone.  Ha.  One issue with them … the transfer on the spoon didn’t transfer around the top so he is sorta “crooked” as far as a perfectly rounded  spoon would look.  That’s the only issue with that particular one.   

So there you go … just one more chance to get you to leave me a comment and possibly receive one of the sets of “imperfect towels”.  :) 

We’ll throw your name in a hat or bowl or something and pick them tomorrow. 




  1. I want the spoons and kool-ade gang, put me in your drawing! SO cute, and by the way, nothing is perfect, so dont worry about any of the small inperfections!

  2. You are way too honest, Steph, I’m not sure anyone would have nothiced those little differences. Isn’t it the Amish quiltmakers who purposely put imperfections in their quilts because they say only God is perfect? I read that somewhere…I think it was the Amish…I’m almost just about positive…:)

  3. And did you notice I put an “h” in notice?? heh

  4. I love the new additions to the sets of towels. Whoever wins them will love them….me included Heee!

  5. We already got the pretty towels–so we don’t need more–but you do such nice work! They are so pretty!

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