Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 29, 2008

And The Winner’s Are …

We picked the winners for the give-a-way!   Loren was the “official picker”. 


First we picked for the birdhouses …

freetowel24.jpg  freetowel52.jpg



Congrats to Rose over at Quilted Hills!  Send me your mailing address!  e.mail me at poofergirl at hotmail dot com


Second we picked the “kitchen-ish” aka “kool-aid gang” set. 

towels23.jpg  freetowel31.jpg


Drumroll please …


Congrats to Tina! 

Tina is a friend from my “before farm-girl” days who has been one of my faithful readers from day 1 here on the blog!

I realize that it looks like there are no names in that bowl but there were … all 7 of them!  (7 for each set … isn’t that strange) Ha.  I should have picked a smaller bowl I guess.

Thanks everyone for participating.  I wish I had a towel for each of you … but that would be a lot of work for this procrastinator.  :) 



  1. Oh, darn. I just found your blog so I missed the giveaway! These towels are just lovely. I especially like the kitchen set, since they look so cute and kitzchy, which is what I’m into these days. I am curious where these transfers came from… I’ve never embroidered before, but I’d like to start with something just like these.

  2. I knew I should have sent the letter to Loren using Priority Mail.

    Tell him I want my 5 bucks back.

    Congratulations winners!

  3. Congratulations Rose and Tina! Lucky gals!

  4. Congratulations winners! I’m trying not to pout. :)

  5. Oh…and just as a reminder Steph, not that I’m expecting anything from you…but my birthday is still March 9th. heh

  6. congratulations to Rose and Tina.

  7. Oh my those lucky gals! Congrats to you.

    Stay warm Steph…..((hugs)) Rosie

  8. Congrats Rose and Tina!

  9. I am LUCKY….yeah…*dancing around the house*…kids are looking at me funny…well, more funny than usual!
    So excited!!!
    Now I can’t not say “I never when anything!”

    Thanks Stephanie…a real treat!!!

  10. I ment “win”…not “when”…good grief…all the dancing has giveng me a head rush!

  11. Oh my gosh! I’ve been away a couple days and what a treat to come back to!! Thanks Poofer! I’m so excited :)

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