Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 31, 2008

Just curious …

I was remembering this afternoon how the other day I read on Laura Lee’s Blog about her daughter changing her name.  Why I was thinking about it today I have no idea since it was a few days ago, but regardless of the “why”, I “was”.  I got to thinking about how I used to think that my name should be April.  I believe it was because I was born is April and I always thought that it was pretty cool that my birthday month could also “technically” be a first name. 

So why does any of this info matter?  Well, it really doesn’t but I am curious … did you ever want to change name to something else?  What was it and do you remember why? 

Curious “April” signing off.  :) 



  1. My full name is “Rosanna”. No one could ever pronounce it right….or spell it right. So, I wished I would have been named something simple like “Tina”. HA! Now, I’ll be thrilled to trade in my given name for “MumMum” come July :-)

  2. The name “Joy” can be tough at times because for some reason people think that you should be a joy all of the time. I wondered why people didn’t realize there was more to a person than just a name. Why do people have such a need to put people in little mental boxes? Is that how we keep order in our world? Is that how we make ourselves safe? Or is it just simply our need to have control over what touches us? Would people expect me to be sad all of the time if my name was “Sad?”

  3. My full name is Kimberly. Rarely am I called that and I don’t like be called that. I prefer Kimmer, Kim or Kimmy. When I’m called Kim it normally means a serious conversation is going to happen. Kimmer or Kimmy tends to be for fun by friends. However, as of lately I’ve been answering to Kris. When people can’t think of my name for some reason the name Kris comes to mind. It has become a little joke so I laugh and answer to Kris and sometimes sign off as Kris.

  4. Being named Jerilynn, which was very uncommon, was a pain. No one ever spelled it right (and most still don’t). Tacking on “Louise” as a middle name just made it even worse. When I was younger I did not like my name at all. I’ve come to realize it’s not that bad…it’s unique and it’s me. I did like “Jenny Lee” because the initials would be the same. I think there was a brand of pasta by that name and I really liked it. We got a letter from school today confirming Luke’s being in the gifted program and they had me listed as Jennifer. How about that. :)

  5. What a fun question, “April!”

    For ever when I was younger, I wished I had a different name. In particular, I remember wishing for the names Karen and Jennifer (not at the same time, though). In the case of Karen, there was a girl I knew named that, and I thought she was really pretty—I wanted to be like her. Jennifer is my cousin’s name, and even before I met her (when I was 9), whenever I’d hear her name, I thought it was really nice—better than mine.

    For some odd reason, people always want to call me “Amy.” Even people who have no idea in the world that my SISTER is named Amy—so it’s not as if they’re simply mixing up the names. I wonder if my parents got it backwards, though I don’t think anyone (other than my parents making the usual parent-mixing-up-of-names) ever calls HER “Kim.”

    I only made peace with my name during college. Sometime after I got married, I started introducing myself as Kimberly, rather than Kim, because if I just said “Kim,” along with my last name, they’d always say, “What?” It ran together too much, and made it sound like my name was Kimmy—and here I was, quite a grown woman and not especially caring to be called Kimmy except by certain childhood friends.

    Nowadays, I am still mostly called Kim, but my two best friends more often call me Kimberly. They both have soft, gentle voices (one of them has a gorgeous Indian/British accent), and when they say it, I really like the name Kimberly. Somehow, when I hear myself say it, though, it sounds like a spoiled, snobby-girl name.

    Sorry this is so long!

  6. I always liked June…because I was born in June..of course! =)

    But then I always wanted a nickname…everyone had a long name with a short name. Cynthia-Cindy; Nicole-Nikki; Jennifer-Jen; Susan-Sue…you see what I mean.

    My could not stand nick names so made sure all of our names were short.

    Guess what I did with all of may kids’ names…they all have nick names! And so the cycle begins!

  7. Hello *April* from another *April*!
    I was born on April 10 and as a child, always thought my name should have been April. I’m so glad to see I’m not alone.
    Mind you, these days, I think I’ve grown into Annette and don’t mind it at all.


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