Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 1, 2008

Have you missed me?

Ok so I know that I haven’t really been gone, cause if you look at my last week’s posts I was “technically” present in the world of blogging cause there are lots of highlighted days on my Jan. calendar … but I have to admit that my posts weren’t too riveting or spectacular!  Are they ever? … that is up for discussion I guess.  

So the deal is … is that it’s been busy and I know that I hate that old excuse when I check blogs and nothing new is posted and when there is finally! something new it is the same old song and dance about how busy life got and the blog just had to take second fiddle to all the fantastic things that life has to offer.  So I completely understand if at this very moment you have rolled your eyes at my “life got busy” excuse. 

And honestly, it is a poor excuse cause, … I haven’t really been that busy … no busier then a normal week.  What really happened this last week is that it was Loren’s first week of lay-off.  And that pretty much means that he is here … at home … all.the.time! 

My schedule has been disrupted and though I love him more each passing day, I find that my beloved blog time and connecting with “my people” each day is taking second fiddle.  It isn’t that he is monitoring my blog time … oh man that would stink!, he is all about the blog and will say “did you post something yet today?”, or “did you check some blogs yet today?” … he is great that way. 

What I have discovered is that it can be difficult to be creative with an audience, not that all we do is sit and stare at each other … cause that would be creepy!   But our house is sorta small and  because our office is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter (who’s idea was it to put it in that room anyway?) … our temporary office is in the living room with the laptop and the couch which means if we are both home, generally someone is talking to the other.  In addition our “new” office holds the wood stove and where there is heat on a cold winter day we are there!   So that is my excuse, or two and I suppose it wouldn’t take a genius to come up with a solution.  I could get up early and do some writing then, but that seems just plain silly to this girl who loves her sleep!  I could stay up later but again, if I can sleep I generally do.  However, I can’t say that I am honestly looking for a solution.  I just need to take the time to blog amid my new surroundings with my handsome husband in view … oh, and find something interesting to share with you!  No pressure there! 

So even though Loren is home for another 2 weeks, don’t plan on deleting me from your “favorites” (I am in your favorites right?) because I resolve to be better this coming week, to find the stories to share that are fun and poofergirl-ish that you have come to expect while stopping by my little place in the world of blogs. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  :) 



  1. You are so funny!

    What you need to do is go out and get two laptops then you can sit … at each end of the sofa….looking at your own interesting stuff….like my Hubby and I do. Wow we sound boring! Actually he rubs my feet while we both look at our computers. Oops…that’s too much information :-)


  2. You make me laugh, I started a blog a few months ago, and you know I havnt added to it yet? I thought it was a wonderful idea, than I didnt …it takes time and committment to blog, and I check yours everday, that I have time for! And I love to read what is happening with you! Some day I may blog again, but I think I just wanted to say that I was blogging, and technically I did, for- a day, lammo! I love that you write, so I think it is cute that you have some standard for yourself, that I think you should just give yourself great credit for writing at all! Thanks for your gift in writing sister!

  3. Yes, we missed you, but we know family comes first! I usually blog while the kiddos are playing outside; my laptop sits next to the sliding glass door so I can make sure no one leaves the yard while blogging at the same time! :)

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