Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 4, 2008


You know when the house is just “messy”? … it isn’t really dirty, but it is definitely looking “un-kept”? 

Well, that unfortunately has been my environment the past week.  I realized today while I was clearing a small place at the table among the piles of chaos for breakfast that this is not the way that I like to live.  Some people thrive in chaos … Loren claims to be one of these people, but I just can’t do it.  I can handle it for awhile, like a week tops but not any longer. 

Case in point today … I had my fill of piles of who knows what creeping in corners and on tables and counter tops.   I was looking for comfort in my search of a small piece of order only to come up with none.  Order just simply could not be found. 

I asked Loren what happened to my clean and orderly house … and he just smirked.  We all know who the real culprit it here.   I said “oh I know … our routine changed!, you know that one where you are at work and not here all day making a mess and I am here keeping it clean?”.  Yep that is what has happened, plain and simple. 

So this afternoon we ran some errands and Loren went to the chiropractor for his elbow.  Ha.  Seriously, his elbow hurts.  Turns out that he has tendinitis or tennis elbow.  I told him that addiction to tennis was going to get him into trouble some day.  Oh funny … yeah pretty obvious he isn’t a tennis player, though if the cattle asked him to play a game or two he just might do it. 

When we got home and I was looking at our mess with new “just from outside” eyes.  You know how you step away from something and you see it differently when you look back? … that was this afternoon.  So I said to Loren “oh man, look at this place, it’s horrible!” he replies “No!, it’s “lived in!”, lived in is good”. 

I knew that if I took an hour it would be bearable … it was just “stuff” out of place.  40 minutes later it was done, 4 rooms are done.  I can now sit and look around and be comforted with my order and chaos is far far away … at least until tomorrow that is! 



  1. Really, Poofer, I think that is just the way of farmers. If there is a clear horizontal surface anywhere in the house the Rancher will find something to put on it. I miss orderliness often.

  2. I am a neat freak!! My husband who is a farmer isn’t so much. Thing is he gets mail all the time that I’m not sure I can throw away so it sits onthe counter until he has time to go through it which is NEVER. You know what I did I finally got a basket for his stuff . I put anything really that is his and he dosen’t put away in it and on Sunday I make him clean it out. I love it the best purchase I have ever made.

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