Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 5, 2008

Progress … Part I


One of the big items on the “to do list” over this winter’s lay-off is the laundry room. 

When I first moved in to Loren’s childhood home after the wedding last December we spent lots of time chatting about what we would like to do to make it “ours”.  We talked about what room should be for what, what small changes we could make that would suit our lifestyle … all the standard things that newlyweds talk about when creating their home together.  We made some changes almost right away.  We turned the small bedroom on the main floor into the office and craft room and also moved the huge 22 cubic foot freezer into that space.  I was so thankful to have that extra space in my kitchen now that it was out of there.  Before the painting and organizing of the new office space Loren also scraped and smoothed out quite a few cracks in the ceiling and painted it a fresh white.

We also did lots of work in the living room.  We extended a wall and created a smaller archway to give us more wall space and more cozy space. Loren did more patchwork over some cracks … did I mention our home is an old farmhouse?  Cracks are sorta part of the deal!  Some wiring was also done so that we can hardwire all the smoke detectors in throughout the house, and we added a couple extra outlets in the upstairs bedroom so now each room actually has 2 and the new ones can house a three-prong cord.  We are living pretty large around here these days.  Ha.  If you haven’t ever fished wires through a plaster wall you are really missing out … there is much adventure when remodeling an old house and you should always plan at least twice as long as you think!

The living room was a big project for us.  Lot’s of mudding and smoothing out of spaces took lots of time and even though we could have just painted and nobody would have really been the wiser, we try, when possible to do a thorough job.   There are lots more projects for the living room and dining room areas in the future, which include flooring and windows eventually. 



The next big job is the laundry room.   This was a big decision.  We decided to move the laundry to the main floor and take the space in the back entryway to create somewhat of a mudroom/laundry room.  We rarely use the back entrance but it was the most logical spot.   Part of our decision to extend the wall in the living room was so that we could put the washer behind that very wall. 

Currently the laundry is in the basement.  My mother-in-law used a wringer washer until the day she moved out.   She still isn’t used to her modern one in their new house and misses the wringer, which is in the basement here.  Loren really thought that he would use it even though he knew that I would not be using it.  This was not going to be part of my “new farm wife” chore list.  As a result, we didn’t have a washer and a dryer when we got married.  My wonderful co-workers threw me a “get rid of the wringer washer” shower and most people contributed cash to our washer and dryer fund as well as lots of laundry baskets, soap, and dryer sheets.   So we had the funds, we just needed to find the right ones.  We did lots and lots of research and checked lots and lots of stores.  In the end we found two “slightly used” pieces that were just what we needed.  We like to re-use what is already available if it works out that way.  We found a man that purchases appliances that have run out of their warranty and fixes them up and sells them.  So for the price of just one appliance we got both, including a front loader washer, which we were hoping for, and they were both in excellent shape. 

The trip and process to get the appliances was long and hard and not fun at all!  We traveled a few hundred miles in the freezing cold of late January in the truck that had no heat.  It was awful!  We had a huge fight on the way home and over-all it was the least of my favorite days as a new bride.  But, we got the washer and the dryer and ourselves home in one piece.  After unloading them and getting into the cold house that did not have a fire-tender all day, we were officially done with the process of purchasing a washer and dryer. 

The dryer ended up in the new spot in the laundry room pretty quickly as the process of hooking up a dryer in a new space was much easier then a washer.   The washer stayed in the kitchen for about a month or so and acted as our island and did a very good job.  During this time, I would bring the laundry to the Laundromat which I didn’t mind so much, it was a nice little break from being cooped up in the house and I could sit and read magazines and listen to the whirl of washers and dryers for a few hours.  The biggest downfall of the Laundromat of course is the hauling factor and even though I didn’t like carrying it in and out of the house, I didn’t mind the process overall. 

My happy days of the Laundromat changed about a month after the washer sat in the kitchen.  The plan was that the plumbing would be done “soon” and the washer set up and we would be on our happy way with a main floor laundry room and there would be a happy new farm wife who didn’t have to go to the basement which pretty much scared her to death.  I was planning another laundry run when Loren decided that it was pretty ridiculous that we were paying to do laundry when we had a washer in the house and a hooked up dryer.  Apparently it would be easy enough to just hook up the washer next to the wringer and we would be set.   I was more then opposed to the idea.  Even a new farm wife knows that once a project is out of sight, there is a slim chance the project will be a high priority.  I fought for my point as well as this new farmwife could but I lost.  I don’t know that I would loose the fight if it happened today now that I have a year of experience under my belt.  So the decision was made, the two-wheel dolly was now in the house and my kitchen island was going downstairs … to the dreaded basement where I was sure it was going to spend a long time.  I reluctantly helped with the process, and we managed to get it down the stairs.  It was heavy, and the steps are pretty long … it was not a pretty sight with the two newlyweds barely speaking except when only necessary as we bumped down the steps.  At one point I said “You know this is going to be down here for EVER now don’t you?” and Loren replied … “2 weeks tops!” and I said “Ha!  Can I write that on the calendar?” and he said “I hope you do!”. 

I didn’t write it on the calendar … I almost did, but then I had a moment of nice flow through my angry thoughts and decided that would be cruel because I knew darn well it was not going to be back up in 2 weeks … I wasn’t born yesterday.  I think that it was sometime in February but I honestly don’t know for sure.   I wish now that I would have written it on the calendar just for the details aspect, cause that info would be fun to know now that I have long accepted the laundry room wait.  

As of today … February 5, 2008 … here sits my washer. 


Is it obvious enough to see that it isn’t in my bright and sunny laundry room?  Ha.  The countless times I have been up and down those steps with heavy wet laundry to the dryer upstairs or the clothes lines outside is something that I try not to think about.  I am not a wimp, I am obviously more then capable to bring laundry up and down stairs … tons of wives and some husbands? I am sure do this everyday .. and really it isn’t all that bad.  I don’t even mind most days unless I am feeling particularly selfish.  I am not as afraid of the basement largely because I have had no choice but to accept it.  




To be fair … this “little” project is huge.  The fact that this is an old house only makes the project bigger.   Seems simple in theory to plumb in a washer and a laundry sink but it isn’t.  The job is overwhelming to say the least.  We made a list of “to do’s” just the other day and it is unbelievable how long it is.   I don’t envy Loren that he is the boy with the plumbing knowledge here and that the majority of the project falls on his shoulders.  He does a lot of projects around here and obviously works very hard so I am in no way complaining about the fact that the laundry room is yet to be done … but really, I would love it if it were done!  It’s going to take some more time, but the new wall is almost plastered, all the parts are purchased and any amount of progress is progress to me!  I will keep you posted on the process and I promise that it won’t be this wordy! 



  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. I do so hope all progresses well. I give you lots of snaps for lugging your clothes up the basement steps from washer to dryer. Wet clothes are heavy! Guess I didn’t need to tell you that :-) Rosie

  3. Once this is done, think of the time and effort saved over the years by having your two “washing buddies” close to each other! AND once you have children, especially when they’re small, it will be nice to have them on the ground floor as well. :) Kids can find a lot of mischief to engage in… 2 minutes flat! I hope all the work goes well for Loren.

  4. In winter procrastinator time – Loren is right on schedule.

    Just sayin’

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