Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 10, 2008

Progress … part II


Here is the “addition” of sorts that we added shortly after I moved to the farm last winter.  You can see by the large archway that the opening was much larger.   We added 4 feet to the existing wall, and really … Loren added the wall, I can only take credit for watching the process.  I am really great at watching him work.  The plan was (and still is) to add the section of wall so that we had a place to put the washer.  This is going to be it’s little “nook”. 


We recycle what we can around here and so that should explain all the pretty pieces of sheet rock!  There is even cement board in there.   Loren spent some time last week mudding the wall so that we could get the area painted.  Taping sheet rock is no fun, and even through he does a fantastic job and it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom when he is done, he cares very little for the process.  He also cares very little for my “smooth as a baby’s bottom” phrase that I like to use all the time around here.  Ha. 


A little primer and some pretty green paint was then applied to the smooth new wall and whoa-la!  Obvious progress!


Here are a couple other before and after shots of the room.



The painting job was very well done too … that husband of mine sure is handy.  This little painting project took more time then the average joe however, but I say “who cares!”, it looks great and it is done.  It also helped that I was gone and so I didn’t have to watch the painfully long process! 

So what’s next? … More sheet rock will be cut out from the back of the wall … one sheet was done last week … it wasn’t a fun process.  It’s a tad bit chilly down there. 


The sheet rock is old and Loren said that there are more nails in it then even he would have used!  So that should explain how many there are.  Ha.  But one piece is off.  Our nail-puller tool has been around and seen some better days but it still did the trick I guess. 



This farm wife sure does like progress! 




  1. Wow….it’s really coming along….good to have a handy husband :-) Rosie

  2. It looks just great! Way to go, Loren :)

  3. It may take Loren awhile to start a project, but he always does such an excellent job when it tackles one! The wall color is really pretty too. It should be p pleasure to do the laundry when it’s all finished.

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