Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 11, 2008

Knitting 101

So this past Saturday I took a knitting class at the local craft store in our closest “big” town, or rather … a town with more then 500 people.  For some reason I have had this strange desire to knit or crochet something the past few weeks.   I figured that I could teach myself since really, how hard could it be.  I did lots and lots of research, we poured over how to books at the library, I looked at internet searches galore and for some reason, it just made no sense to me.  Which is why I took the class.  My mom taught me to knit once, but I don’t ever remember completing a project … which shouldn’t surprise me at all since my “Craft Room” is plumb full of unfinished projects.  It is really quite sad.  All sorts of projects that I started with much enthusiasm.  I have supplies for cross stitch, embroidery, beading, scrapbooking, card making, sewing, and now … knitting. 

So I got my knitting needles which were HUGE, cause we were going to make a fun scarf with thick yarn and I picked out a fun variegated yarn.  The class went pretty well.  It was just my friend and I and the cute little knitting instructor who was friendly and chatty and just plain ol’ nice.  She was a great teacher and I felt like I learned a lot.  We learned to cast on, cast off, the knitting stitch, and the pearling stitch.  The “basics” as she said.  She assured us that we could go to all sorts of projects after mastering those simple techniques.  We sat for a couple hours in rocking chairs and knitted and pearled and knitted and pearled.  It was pretty nice and I left feeling quite confident in my new found craft!  I had visions of making baby afghans for family and friends, and scarves and hats for all I know. 

But then … then … I got home and sweet little Mona wasn’t standing over my shoulder watching me as I made a mistake.  No longer was my knitting angel there to take my mangled project and make it all new and better with a simple “that’s ok” and a kind smile.   I was alone and even my husband who can fix anything was no help!  I knew that I should have taken him with me!  He would have retained all that “knitting know-how” and I would be on my second afghan by now!   But it turns out ladies and gentleman that I am far from a knitter. 

I took out my first attempt at the scarf because it was curling like crazy and I figured it would be easy enough to start over.  After struggling to cast-on for a couple of hours (I am not even kidding here!) and shedding a few tears along with screams of frustration I managed to get it right.  I even finished the scarf, but I  have no proof because I took it all apart again since it was too short.  Why I didn’t leave well enough alone I will never know. 

Today I had great goals of just making it over, and a little narrower so that I could have a little longer one without having to get a whole other skein of yarn.  But all day … and I mean all day … I struggled with casting on … how hard is it?  Apparently much too hard for me to do!  I had technique sheets and for some reason I just can’t do it!  I just can’t.   I know “how” but there is a glitch in my system and I am tired, oh so tired of fighting with the cool yarn that I now despise.  It is all ragged and frayed as a result of trying hard to do what I asked of it.   

So … I give up!  Don’t look for a baby afghan if a baby is in your future, and don’t look for a great hat and scarf in your Christmas stocking next year because this farm girl was not gifted with the knitting gene!  Bummer! 



  1. hey, all you can do is try………….knitting is not for everyone, not for me either….. you have other gifts!

  2. Poofer,

    I tried to learn tatting from Aunt Madeline, and I feel your pain. All the desire in the world is not enough sometimes. :(

    I found this online. I think your problem may be that you are just too high-tech for old-school knitting!

  3. just a couple thoughts…..why don’t you give your friend who went to the class with you a call and see if she remembers how to cast on? I’ve known people who simply loop the yarn over the needle because they never figured it out!

    and I agree with Teresa! I never could fathom the crochet techniques, or how you can be patient enough to do stamping and card-making and make beautiful scrapbooks. To each his own!

  4. Before Madaline tried to teach YOU, David she tried unsuccessfully to teach me. There were at least 14 steps to one stitch if I remember correctly…….or I could have just imagined it was harder than it was:) I did try, though. She was pretty insistent that the tradition be carried on. I think her nephew maybe should have given it a whirl! :)

  5. I just made your applesauce bread the kids love it. I used half the suger and I only had baking soda so I put a little more in and it turned out great!!!!! There must be harder ways to cast on then what I learned because all I do is loop over the needle but your mom is right call who you went with and have a knitting date it is so much easier with 2 people gotta run good luck but don’t give up because once you get the drift it is relaxing


  6. The first crocheted blanket I attempted turned out more like a rug than a blanket. My stitches were so tight! It took awhile, but I got the hang of it, for the most part. It is relaxing, but definitely not for everyone. I’m a quiet sedentary person, so I enjoy it.

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