Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday … of sorts

Well, turns out it is another Wordless Wednesday!  I have missed a few!  I had a hard time coming up with something today that was fresh and current and wonderful and exciting, and all those things that you have come to expect from Poofergirl’s Wordless Wednesdays.  Oh, I should add … just incase you are new to this blog you should know that Wordless Wednesday’s are far from wordless … I just can’t seem to post without words, it just isn’t in me. 

So for today I thought and thought and even though Loren has been up on the roof cutting a hole for the laundry vent, traveling in and out and in and out working hard, I couldn’t quite seem to muster up enough “want to” to grab my coat and stand in the cold to take a picture.  Call me crazy or call me smart … it just didn’t happen.  

Instead of bundling up I got to thinking about pictures that I haven’t posted, which are few.  I like to share them right away.  But then I remembered that I had this one. 


Yep, that’s an Amish wagon you see, right at the end of my driveway.  I am freakishly fascinated by the Amish.  I don’t know why.  There is just something about them that I seem to like, even though I know very little about their culture and have only met one family and it was one of those “hi!” as I walked past them at my neighbors so it barely counts as “meeting” the family. 

Most of the Amish around here live east of town and so I rarely get to see them, except when we drive that way and they happen to be out hanging laundry, or walking about … I try to get Loren to drive by slower so that I can get a better look but he won’t … and I am actually glad that he doesn’t because really, I know better then to stare.  But if I could, I would!  One day I was distracted by something and realized that we had passed all the Amish farms and I was so disappointed.  

Last fall, an Amish family moved about 2 miles to the west of us next to our friends farm and every once in a while we see them.  The first time I saw the parents they were picking walnuts that had fallen off our friends walnut tree.   I just love that they use what the Lord provides.  Anyway, most of their community lives about 15 miles south of us and so they pass our house every so often.   I rarely get to see them pass by, but I see “evidence” of their horses on the highway and I know they were there. 

This particular day I was walking to the mailbox with my camera because I wanted to walk out aways and take a new picture for the blog of the farm in the winter.  As you can see, I have yet to get a good enough shot.  It’s hard to replace that beautiful shot with all the green tree’s with a pretty much mucky brown shot.   As I was walking I noticed the wagon and I sorta froze … that is what happens when I see them, I just watch and stare which I know is so wrong.  So I have my camera and I am afraid to take a picture.   Afraid of the Amish.  I know that they are photographed all the time because often they are in the paper with nostalgic phrases underneath.  Anyway, so I slowed my pace and calmly turned the camera on and waited, waited until they were so far away that they wouldn’t see me take a picture … and unfortunately too far away to get a very good shot.  But I got one and even though I feel a little silly that it was such a big deal to get, I am glad that I have it … and heck, if nothing else, it fulfilled yet another Wordless Wednesday post and what could be better than that!?



  1. I’m thinking you should just give in and call it “Wordy Wednesday” and be done with that silly idea. :) I had to comment that I find the Amish facinating too, and when we travel to your house I’m always hoping we’ll pass a buggy or two along the way. Maybe this spring you could go to the quilt sale they have every year and buy some homemade egg noodles, rolls or something of that sort. I’m thinking the quilts might cost more than most of us could scrape up!

  2. Have you ever read Beverly Lewis’ books? She is a Christian author that writes a lot about the Amish. I’m not sure if it is completely accurate, but it sure is interesting–and they are really good books. I learned a lot about their traditions, etc. I know that she has quite a bit of knowledge about the Amish. The books are really good!

  3. Sine youi’rw so fasinated with the Amish, you might beinterested in knowing that thee re lots of Amish finger and footprints all over that place. Henry helped put in the closet in your bedroom. Not professional but served the purpose for Josie. John Mast laid the blocks under the calf barn in 1981. Unfortunately the manure pushed sout some of them. David Milleer shered our sheep and had dinner with us in 1979. Amos Yoder and his crew put on all the steel on the barn roof about 1986. Total cost for labor was $290. I had done the outer edges and bottom overhang by taking off some shingles. So enjoy the Amish connection

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