Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 15, 2008

Pick a side …

Sometimes you just gotta pick a side.  Oh oh … are you thinking “oh man, Poofergirl is going to get all political on us today!”.  Fear not my friendly readers, you will hopefully never have to worry about that.  Politics are not my favorite thing and though I am glad that there are people that love it and can help me to make a better decision, I am not one of those people.  So there are other things that you need to pick a side on besides politics, there are also moral and ethical issues, and even though I can’t guarantee that you won’t hear some of my thoughts on that sometime, today is not the day.  Those days will be few and far between if they happen at all … but there are times when I just get fired up about something, but honestly, it’s gotta be a pretty big fire to bring it here I think.

So what is it?  What’s this whole “pick a side” deal all about?  Well, it’s a serious one and I think that you will agree.  You just gotta pick what side of the bed to sleep on. 

See, back in my many single years there was no issue here … you get the whole bed.  You can be a left sider or a right sider … or even a middle sider which I know makes zero sense, but it makes me giggle.  Because Loren and I talked about everything before we were married, and I mean everything, we talked about this picking the side of the bed issue.  I was worried about it.  Why?  I don’t really know … I suppose just because I was a girl and I wondered how this new “sleeping with a mate” was going to effect my glorious sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew there was going to be a plus side to sharing a bed, but I had a good 30 years alone with all my covers, all the pillows the bed could handle, and all the space I wanted.  It was determined that Loren had no wants or desires as far as which side of the bed he lays on.  Go figure.  So I got to choose. 

Making small decisions is a big issue of mine.  It can take me hours to pick out which dish soap I want for the next month, but I decide on major issues like automobiles and housing in a moments times.  One of my charms I guess.  I took a long time to decide what side of the bed I wanted and in the end I decided on the left … I didn’t have any good reason why, I just decided because the wedding was over and a decision had to be made.  I gotta say that I haven’t always been so happy with my decision … sortof like old saying goes where the grass is always greener on the side, I was thinking that the bed had to be softer and more comfortable on the other side. 

I mentioned last week I think it was that I have had some sciatica issues since Christmas and well, sleeping is one of those areas where my sciatica issues become a huge problem for me.  This is pretty much because I love to sleep and well, my sciatica likes to keep me awake with shooting pains down my leg.  Bad sciatica.  So the other night as I was trying like the dickens to get into a comfy spot I realized that all my problems lie in the fact that I am sleeping on the wrong side of the bed!  Of course, it was so obvious … there were countless reasons at 3am as to why it was necessary that we switch sides.  There must have been enough reasons that stuck because the next morning I was still convinced.  I waited about 30 seconds to tell Loren my great plan of switching sides.  Of course he responded to with a simple “sounds good … whatever you need to do.” 

Last night was the night of the big switch.  We changed the sheets and made the bed all nice.  I got in and Loren went to finish up a few chores and shower.  In the next half an hour I was made aware that the grass was certainly not greener on the other side.  This side wasn’t only worse, it was way worse.  It felt so strange, my blankets laid the wrong way of course, and it even smelled different over there.  So Loren came up and I said “ummm … so I don’t like this side of the bed”.  He replied with as laugh, as if he wasn’t shocked at my comment, saying “sooo … you are giving up already?” and I said “yep I think so” and I gave him my new long list of reasons why this side of the bed was not for me.  He just chuckled and got into “my” side of the bed.  Apparently we weren’t going to switch back right away.  He said, “you gotta give it at least a night”.  So I did and it was weird.  There were lots of running into the other person, lots of “oh sorry!” in the middle of the night as an arm was swung where it once did not hit the other, and pokes and elbow jabs.  But overall I think that I got a little sleep.

I am not too sure where this “picking a side” is going to lead … it’s much more difficult then I thought.  Picking a side was hard but re-picking a side turns out to be even more difficult.  



  1. I didn’t get to pick a side. When my kids were small I was always on the “outside” so I could get to them quickly if they cried for me in the night. New man, new home… and now HE gets the outside. After four years I’m still not comfortable with the inside. Might be why I have a sleep disorder now.

  2. You are the funniest person!! Your bed is so big I would think there would be room to face any direction easily, but I know most people face the outside when they sleep. Maybe you should try the bottom of the bed! Just kidding. :) Ask your chiropractor which side is best and let that be your answer. She’ll probably say to sleep on your back.

  3. HA! I think that you are so funny. I would just split the bed, and have ‘visits’ when you want. I have always taken the whole bed, but I dont say sorry to Brian, because I am a crazy sleeper, he likes his feet covered, I like them free from bondage, he likes to have layers, I end up with all my blankets around my head………..the one thing I can say is that I sleep like a big fat baby, I think Brian has to dodge my arm, my legs, and fight my for the covers, I am a selfish little sleeper! My favorite nights is when he falls asleep on the couch, and I have the whole king bed to myself! Cozy, and no hubby trying to snuggle into me! He is such a snuggle bug, I am not…….not in the least! Good luck on finding your sleep zone!

  4. We’ve switched sides a few times for various reasons over the years. It’s funny how disorienting it gets! And Teresa…I agree about snuggling. When it’s time to sleep, don’t be touching me!

  5. Oh, I identify with this post. In my first marriage, I slept on the very edge of the right side of the bed….if I ever touched him when he was trying to sleep, he flipped. Then I was single for 12 years and had the bed all to myself. Remarried to the most wonderful man in the world and he is a big time snuggler who doesn’t really care which side of the bed he is on as long as he’s got a leg or arm draped over me! I haven’t slept well for 6 years but I wouldn’t trade him for the world :-) Rosie

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