Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 16, 2008

Progress … part III


More laundry room progress to report!  That is a very good thing.  Let’s see … since the last progress report, Loren finished more of the measuring and breaking through of the back wall.  Another section of sheet rock had to come down to make room for the vent pipe and some other plumbing pipes.  


A hole was cut through the new green wall where the pipes for the big laundry sink will go.  We are going to have a big double sink back there where we can wash big buckets and all the large canning pots and pans.  I can’t wait for the sink!  I was surprised that the laundry sink was being measured and etc. and mentioned it to Loren.  I said  “so I sorta figured that the laundry sink wouldn’t be hooked up for a few years?” and he said “oh … it won’t, but I gotta put the pipes in at the same time as the others so it will only look like it works!”.  Whew … what a relief, I thought that I had some how judged him wrong.  Ha.  Hopefully it won’t be years, but I have been warned so I guess I can’t complain. 



We … and by “we”, I actually mean we this time … put the vent pipe up the wall and through the roof.  I didn’t make the hole in the roof but I did get it up there.   I had to push up the pipe from the stairwell while Loren was on the roof waiting for the end.  It was a tad bit scary since I had to climb the ladder at the same time which was not looking very secure.  I asked Loren “umm … so is this ladder going to be safe?” and he said “well,  if you make sure that you don’t lean back to far you should probably be ok.”  I just love his reassuring words don’t you?  But it worked out ok.  I didn’t really think about it much and just walked up the ladder pushing up the pipe.  Once the pipe made it through the hole it was attached to the roof just in time for the snow to fall! 






We have a little bit of an issue with this laundry project.  It was discovered that the wall is a 2×4 wall rather then a 2×6 wall.  Even though this means little to me, it is apparently a pretty big problem in the world of plumbing and whatnot.  Loren is working around this issue as much as he can and has honestly been pretty calm about it.  The man does not curse or swear, even when in my world it would be more then justified!  I hear lots of “oh man, how am I going to do this?” … and lots of “h-o-l-y buckets”.  That one makes me smile because he says it really slow and over and over.  When it was discovered that the wall was not the ideal size I think he said “shoot” at least 100 times. 


As a result of this wall issue he has even more work to do, more cutting into studs and who knows what.  Now he has to cut into some of the floor joists.  Not ideal, but it’s what he has to do.  It will involve some extra bracing, but it should work out ok … the project will just be prolonged a tad bit and he will be spending a little more time in the crawl space under the laundry room. 


Progress … sometimes it comes with more trouble then you think it might be worth!   




  1. You know, I think home projects always takes more time than you think with more problems than you think. But you guys are making great progress and I applaud you and your Hubby. Bravo!!

  2. I agree with Rosie.:) What a huge job! Reminds me of projects we did in our old house 30 years ago…one thing always lead to another and absolutely NOTHING was straight. Only dad didn’t say “shoot”…..

  3. Seems these things always do involve more than you anticipate but you are so lucky that your husband has so many talents. He not only knows what needs to be done but he also knows the ways to work around the trouble spots. I think he’s a keeper! I am so jealous that you are getting that great big sink! I NEED one of those too.

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