Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 18, 2008

“Good News and Bad News” … take 2

Yesterday I shared our “good news and bad news” with the lack of water flowing from our pipes.  We made it through the day and though we are still “water-less” we went to the neighbors and picked up close to 60 gallons of water to keep everything watered and alive.  Loren has a part of the well with him to have checked over while in town at work and that will eliminate one of the 3 possibilities.  It isn’t the switch, that much we know.  If the part that Loren has with him is ok, and it is the pump (which we are hoping it isn’t) then we will have to take care of that tomorrow.  Hauling water wasn’t too bad, but the pile of dishes waiting to be done might just drive me crazy! 

So this morning I received another “good news and bad news” type of alarm clock.  Well, first the alarm clock rang at 4am!  4am is so very early.  Loren is officially back to work today for another couple of weeks and so the 6:30am alarm was set for 4am.  The list of “to-do’s” before work was long and we figured it would be a good idea for Loren to leave work a bit early since the roads would more then likely be slick.  Also, with no water in the barn he has a few more trips from the house with our “borrowed’ water to fill everything up.  The morning went well, chores were done and Loren was on his merry way by 5:10am, which gave him a good 40 minutes to make it to work. 

Being so early, I tried to get more sleep.  These extra early mornings are not my favorite and it was pitch dark out … I still don’t know how to function in the house when it is pitch dark except to sleep.  I didn’t really fall asleep but I tried for about a half an hour or so until I was jolted up with the ringing of the telephone.  Since the house was so dark I didn’t know what time it was but I thought that maybe it would be Loren calling to let me know something.  I try not to go on-line or tie up the phone lines until I know he should be at work.  He has never called that early but you just never know. 

It wasn’t Loren … it was the sheriffs department!  The call you just don’t want to receive.  Here is how it went, or close to it anyway. 

Poofergirl … “Hello”

Lady … “Hello Stephanie, this is – (I have no idea what she said her name was) from the sheriffs department calling”

Poofergirl … “oh … ok …”

Lady … “we have found Loren’s truck upside down in the ditch and can’t seem to locate him”

Poofergirl … “ok …”

Lady … “oh well just wait a second, I think that the deputy has him on the phone”  … long pause with lots of words that I can’t quite make out.  “Yes he has him on the phone, so I assume his is ok … but let me see if I can talk to him and check for you ok?”

Poofergirl … “ok …”

Lady … I can hear her asking him if he is ok and that was about it.  “oh ok, he is fine, he is at the hospital but is going to try to find a way to get the truck towed home and he will be home when he can.  Do you want me to have him call you?”

Poofergirl … “well, if he has time to, otherwise I will just see him when he gets here.”

Lady … “ok then, I will let him know. Bye.”

So here I am at what I later found out was 6:10am thinking “oh my goodness!”  This is the call you dread, but how fortunate that he is ok and fine and should be home shortly.  I did sortof laugh because how crazy that this has happened on top of everything else … good grief.  Since I wasn’t sure the condition of the truck I pretty much assumed we were out our only working vehicle, which was barely running to start with.  My car that is still not running is hopefully going to be worked on this week once we get it to the shop.  Living in a tiny town has some major drawbacks in times like this. 

I waited for Loren to come home, for 2 and a half hours.  I did cleaning (that I could do without water) and tried again to take a nap.  Didn’t work.  The phone rings at 8:35am and it is my husband who’s voice I was pretty happy to hear.  He was at work!  Of course he was at work.  I kindof wondered why he would be coming home if he was fine. 

So the story goes that he was going about 45 miles an hour on the highway and a huge gust of wind sortof just took him and slid him down the road and into the ditch.  It landed on the side (not sure which one).  A lady from church was driving to work at the hospital and she picked him up and brought him there.  He called work to tell them he would be late, then called the sheriffs department to let them know his truck was in the ditch.  He must have called them at the same time they were calling me.  They found the truck before he could call.  I was the next on his list (at least I think!) and he said that he probably should have called me first incase someone saw the truck and called me all frantic.  Oh well, not a huge deal.     

He had the truck towed to work.  It has a flat tire that he will change when he is done and he is hoping that it will start.  It might not since it was on it’s side he said.   If it doesn’t start then he will head someplace in town to have it looked at.  So it looks like we still have a vehicle … hopefully!  I was trying to figure out how we would get water tonight without the truck and the car not running.  I am sure we could always take the tractor and a trailer.  But that would be chilly!  Ha.  But hopefully he can get the truck running and get his errands done.  He has a huge list of errands to run after work involving the well and the car and so if he doesn’t have the truck he will just walk … he is very resourceful and it won’t faze him a bit … I would be a basket case. 

So that is our second edition of “good news and bad news”.  I hope tomorrow we have a “good news and bad news-less” day! 



  1. Wow Poofer. I’m glad to hear Loren is ok. You both are in my prayers.

  2. Poofer,

    Glad to hear Loren was not hurt, scary stuff.

    Your life is starting to sound like an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

  3. I am so glad your Hubby is OK. You are having quite a streak here…..hope it is now over and things start runnng….cars, water, etc


  4. Oh my. Those kind of calls are very scary. You took it all very calmly, I must say. I’m so glad that Loren is okay. If you’d like to email me from my blog, I’m sure the Rancher would be happy to talk over the well problem with Loren. He knows a million little tricks to get them going again.

  5. I’m glad Loren is fine, but I’m not sure I could have been that calm. Things have to start looking up soon! Take care of yourself… :)

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