Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Another Wednesday already!  There will be some words as usual but I just can’t take the “wordless” out because “just” Wednesday seems like it is lacking something. 


you just can’t get this kindof character from new windows!

Today it is cold … like 30 below zero kindof cold.  Not too sure what I calculates with the wind chill but my guess (or I think I heard it somewhere) was that it is about 50 below with that added wind chill.   Loren is working outside today … he had about 4 sweatshirts on in addition to his super warm winter coat, and wool pants.  He looked like he gained 20 pounds.  Ha.  So hopefully he isn’t too cold.  When he works outside gathering lumber he says he doesn’t get too cold because he is up and down out of the fork lift a lot, and during his down time he keeps busy by shoveling or cleaning up the yard.  He is one of those good employees that does not waste company time.  I can’t say that I was ever that good. 



I took these shots from the bathroom window!  I didn’t want the tow truck fellow to think I was a dork taking pictures of him hauling the car.  I think that sneaking a shot makes me more of a dork, but oh well! 


The car is gone … at the shop.  They picked it up yesterday afternoon and called about 7pm with the great news that it is a belt that is in the engine and it will cost just shy of a million dollars to fix.  Nice.  But it will be done by Thursday or Friday and they are willing to take our first born (someday) for payment.  What a relief! 



These are old milk cans … good thing that I mentioned that they were old huh?, I know it is hard to tell.  Loren thought they were maybe 50 years old?  At least that is what I think he said (Leo, if I am wrong, forgive me).  We hauled 5 cans the first day and now we are getting 7 because 5 just wasn’t enough for everything. 


We are still hauling water from our very kind neighbors.  Loren has been doing the work because well, I am just not the best farm wife sometimes and because it is way heavy and not to mention cold and I am more in the way when I offer to “help”.  Plus that little sciatica issue is still an issue! 

Loren talked to the “well guy” last night and we are trying a couple things “just incase” it isn’t the pump. Pulling the pump is probably inevitable anyway, but it worth the chance that it is something a tad bit more simple … and less exspensive.   We called the guys that came out here to put in this current pump and they remembered the house and job from over 2o years ago!  Apparently it was so memorable that he said “we were hoping never to have to come back!”.  Ha.  The well is in a little room off the garage and apparently it isn’t fun to work on.  But they will more then likely be out Friday or Saturday when it warms up a bit … it is much to cold to work on it now. 

The good news is that I might get a shower by Saturday!  Oh that will be nice.  All I gotta say is that it is a good thing that I live out here where I see very few people in my week.  Chickens don’t seem to mind that I am smelly and greasy haired! 


you think this is why the chickens are afraid of me? 

Have a great day everyone … I am off to feed the chickens and break the steers water.  Oh the life of a farm wife!  Stay warm!  :)



  1. It’s ‘only’ -19 here in the balmy central part of the state. :) But with the windchill factor it’s -31 so I’m not going out to bring the garbage container up to the back door for a little while. I’ll wait til noon when it’s SO much warmer!! I’m glad the car is getting fixed soon, and that the pump may be fixed this weekend so you can shower. When we first moved to Minnesota, or actually when we moved out to the farm and had to heat water we took lovely baths in a little laundry tub. Since we started with the oldest and went down, I got warm clean water…poor Jeri and Bob down at the end of the family! We did add more hot water along the way at least. :)
    I can see why you might scare the chickens. But the scarf goes beautifully with your eyes.
    The window with it’s frosty ice ‘painting’ is lovely. I hope it’s cozy beside the wood stove. :)

  2. Life has its balaces, I woudnt be suprised if you have great things comming soon! I am sure your shower to come will be wonderful ! HA the chickens I am sure accept you as you are! HEE HEE Your beautiful in your protective gear!

  3. Poofer,

    You look like you are heading out for morning prayers somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan.

    Thirty below! Somebody sure ticked off old man winter up there.

    Warmer days must be on the way, thirty below this late in the year is just cruel.

  4. The well guy(s) comment is making me laugh so hard. Yes I bet it was memorable for the poor guy(s). You should joke with them that they need to do their work so well they never have to come back, not even in another 20 years.

    I am glad to hear Loren is ok. Mom and Dad told me about the challenging week you both have had. I am sorry to hear about it all. You will certainly appreciate running hot water again. My memory of our first winter there with no running water or functioning plumbing is still very vivid. I have and always will appreciate functioning indoor plumbing since. Don’t hesitate to take a long, long shower when you get the water back on.

    My ability to read your blog is limited due to work and spending time with the kids after work. It was great to catch up on a few of the posts. I’ll be thinking of you both and praying the well gets fixed this weekend for you. (My empathy).

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