Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 22, 2008

Meet Steve …


Meet Steve.  Steve is the “well guy”!  He came today with his brother Ron.  I found out later that this guy in the picture was actually Ron and Steve was the other guy, but I decided that since in my mind the man in brown was Steve I am keeping him that way.  I am sure that he will never know, nor will he care. 

So Steve and Ron came shortly before noon today to pull our pump and replace it.  That was what we figured would need to be done.  Ideally we should someday have a new well drilled because this one is not in a good spot and we have lots of issues with it, but the cost of a new well is HUGE and so we figure we will get a new pump and when we can afford a new well, we can just transfer the new pump to the new well.  So the appointment was made for the new pump when the weather was going to be warmer today.

As a reminder we have been “water-less” since Sunday morning (so technically Saturday) and by “water-less” I mean that no water comes flowing beautifully from my faucets and we have been hauling gallons upon gallons of water from the neighbors.  So we aren’t dehydrated, it is just lots of work to do most everything that involves water.  We have muddled though … and Steve (and Ron) were here to save the day!

They drove up like prince charming(s) in their white truck and I was one happy farm girl.  They worked for about an hour and at one point Steve (who was really Ron) was hoisted up to the top of the crane deal to put on a stronger rope.  I was talking to my Mom at the time and all of a sudden outside of my kitchen window I see Steve flying up in the air!  It was really pretty cool and I said to my Mom “oh man, the guy is flying up in the air out there so I gotta go get a picture … I will call you right back”.  I thought that I had explained the situation better but when I called her back she said “alright, you better explain that to me!”.  Ha.  I have pictures to show what it was like.  And you gotta imagine watching from a window where all of a sudden that image appears in mid air. 




Steve was flying up with the rope because it was discovered that the pump was stuck and they needed to put a weight down the well or some such thing.  I would periodically go take a picture and Loren would come in with updates.  Things seemed a bit “off” outside as they were all chatting and Loren came in and said “well, it looks like we might be getting a new well sooner then we think!”  I said “ummm … we can’t buy a new well right now” and he said “well, we may not have a choice.” 


I watched most everything standing at my kitchen window and as they pulled out the long pipes Steve looked at them and shook his head.  I figure that is not the greatest sign when the well guy shakes his head at a pipe!  Turns out that the pump we were going to replace was stuck in the bottom of the well.  The pipes were all corroded and so it is assumed that the pump was too.

Long story short … well, as short as I can get it that is … we need a new well.  As Loren put it “the well is shot”.  I like to say, “the well is dead” but close enough to the same thing.  A new well wasn’t the plan, but what can you do?

So remember our motto this week that went “it could be worse!” … well, apparently for our current well, that doesn’t fit since he is dead and that is about as bad as it can be. 

I watched as Steve and Ron packed up their stuff to go and Loren came into get the checkbook and I said “so, they are packing up” and Loren said “yep” and I added “and I don’t have any water and I won’t get any?” to which he replied “nope you won’t”.  Oh man!  There was little more he could say so he smiled and left me to grieve the hope of a shower today. 

On a lighter note … we are off to pick up the car!  Good thing it is cold and I can wear a hat!



  1. Stephanie I am so sorry to hear there was not a happy ending (a long, hot shower) to your week. However, a new well will provide a happy ending when you get one. You will likely suddenly actually have something called water pressure. Any word when they would be able to drill a new well? I imagine the drilling isn’t the issue as much as getting the water to the house and then somehow insulating the well with a new well house. Hopefully with your car you can drive somewhere and get a nice long shower. Happy weekend.

  2. Somehow, you always manage to find humor in your situation! Steve/Ron DID look like he was flying, but when you told me that I was imagining someone in a hot air balloon or parachute falling from the sky. :) I hope they can drill a well soon, and find a good spot for water!

  3. I think that you should come to my house and shower on Saturday! Take a day to relax, man, lots of things that where to come someday, are now needed today. Best on that!

  4. Shower! That is the small potatoes. How did people survive when the only running water they had was cold water in a pail being carried by a “runner” from the well to the house. Not all that hard as I remember. Of course hauling it several miles does make it quite inconvenient. And it may be a few more days before the problem is fixed. It could be a little difficult to get pipes buried right now if the new well is very far from the old one. I should really not be making light of this. It is no fun and expensive.

    That pump always had plenty of water pressure unless you pumped it down too fast at which it yielded less than 5 gallons per minute. But it took more than a long shower to get to that point.

    I feared the possibility of the pipes coming off of the pump when we pulled the pump back in the ’80’s. It had plastic pipes at that time. They put in steel which was expected to hold more firmly. I guess it did but if the corrosion around the pump might have welded it to the casing, or the casing corroded above the pump, then it was stuck. Over twenty years in one place without much space around the edges likely corrodes and caused the problem. Also the water level going up and down for 50 or more feet could have caused the blocking corrosion. Maybe an above ground (non-submercible like the Myers that was there when we moved there in 1977) pump might be a better option in a well where the casing may corrode. Just speculation and guessing. Life is an adventure and quite often challenging. Luck will change some day.

    Well, Rueben Gerding, the well witcher, should find the spot where to drill the next hole. He supposedly might tell you how deep you have to go as well. Well, Well, hope he finds you a good “well” spot. Better things to look forward to.

  5. Oh my what a week you’ve had. Hope you can go someplace and get cleaned up this weekend! I will be praying for a quick resolution for the new well and some manna from heaven to pay for it :-) Rosie

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