Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 28, 2008

Well Update

Incase you were wondering … yes, we are still water-less!  It has been just about 2 weeks now and oddly enough, we have become quite good at it … if that is possible.  Ha.  But there is now a routine where Loren gets the water, hauls the 7 – 100 pound cans in the house and they sit in the kitchen for a day where they slowly get used up to water cattle and chickens, give us something to drink, aid in flushing the toilet, wash the dishes, and hands. Then the process is repeated day after day.  I wouldn’t recommend the process to anyone as the process can easily include a glitch or two, but we have made it work. 

So when will we have water?  Well, it looks like the new well will be drilled on Monday.  Will we have water in the house then?  Ummm … we can’t say for sure.  See, it is still quite “wintery” here in Minnesota and you just can’t dig pipes in the winter.  I guess you “could”, if you found the right people with the right equipment and the right checking account with even bigger amounts of money in it.  But we have neither of those and so we will work around the water to the house issue.  Sounds like they can run a pipe above ground and add some heat tape and that might be our only option.  Trouble is, it is about 75 feet of pipe and heat tape isn’t cheap.  We are working on alternatives but chances are good we might have to dig a bit deeper into the old pocketbook and learn to accept that part of the deal. 

Well prep happened today.  Loren’s Dad was here and they trimmed tree’s and Loren moved some snow.  A 30 foot long, 12 feet high, and 9 feet wide truck will be making it’s way through the yard to make this water thing happen.  Here are a couple shots of Loren hauling some of the branches.  I didn’t get any pictures of the cutting process since … well, it was cold and it sure did seem like a lot of work to find where they were cutting.  I spotted Loren running with a branch out the living room window so I did take a few steps outside and managed to be there when he was.  There are days that I prefer to have the action come to me.  Ha. 


Here is where the new well is going to be dug. 


Is it right that I just “watch” this stuff?  Sometimes I wonder if I should actually help?  But I usually wonder for a very short time! 


Running away with the branch … he literally ran.  I asked him why he ran with them, I thought that maybe it was because they were heavy.  I guess he ran because he was trying to catch up with his Dads trimming … apparently it was quicker to cut with the chainsaw then to haul them away.  Amazing how that works.  

Monday I will try to get some pictures of the well drilling … could be exciting, could be boring … hopefully it is fun enough for me to stand in the snow and take pictures. 



  1. How about hearing how the location of the well was picked. Like about dem dare water-witchers?

  2. I hope you get water soon. Right now our barn well is in need of repair so to water the hogs they are hauling water from the pond. We water the chickens and rabbits using the house well.
    That would be interesting.. Did you witch the new well?

  3. Yes we did have the new location for the well “dowsed” which means that they have a pretty good idea there is a good water vein there. It is a process by which someone (in our case we had 2 different people come out) finds the water vein underneath the ground. These people (not everyone can do it) are in-tune with the energies of the water and the earth and they hold a tool that indicates when water is found. It is pretty neat and not too creepy! Ha. Plus, we needed to find a spot that had water since our last well was so poor. Hopefully when they drill there is water! :)

  4. Hopefully they will find oil! :)

  5. I like your pun on drilling a well is boring!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, well, well. :) I love how you take pictures of Loren at work and at the same time wonder if you should help him…bet he never thought his life would be in pictures on the internet. Look at all you’re teaching us! I didn’t even catch the pun about the boring until Iris pointed it out. Did YOU?

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