Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 3, 2008

Still Well-less

As of Monday at noon we are still without water.  Looks like the weather is not going to cooperate and it is too cold to drill.  It will likely be too cold to drill a well tomorrow so maybe Wednesday.  The idea of having water in the house is still up in the air so even though the well is going to be drilled, water will not be flowing from my faucets.  Oh well … at least we won’t have to drive to get water and haul the heavy cans back and fourth.  Plus, it might warm up faster then we anticipate and we could dig the pipes sooner than later. 

Loren has been busy working on the pipes for the laundry project, I haven’t been down to take any pictures but once I do I will post another Progress report. 

Life on the farm is pretty slow these days … sorry that I have less then exciting words for you to read … I might have to think really hard for something fun, or witty, or enlightening, or even riveting!  Well, ok, riveting is a huge stretch but you never know!  Ha. 

Back to the normalcy of life … have an ordinary day! 



  1. Oh gee….I was so hoping you had good news on flowing water. I admire your patient attitude and I pray warm weather comes your way very, very soon! :-) Rosie

  2. It has to be cold when a well digger calls off work because it is “too cold.” There is an old saying “colder than a well digger’s ___.”

  3. All’s well that ends well.:) It would be nice if you could just get it all done at once…looks like later on this week and into the next it is going to warm up to a normal March temperature. IF you can believe the weather forcasters! I think it’s always a little more windy where you are though, so that may factor in. Have a great day, even if it’s ordinary!

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