Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 7, 2008

Just Another Well Update!

Ok so chances are really good that you are more then tired of my “well updates” but here is yet another one, and … it should really be the last one until spring.  


As you know, on Wednesday my knights in shining armor came to drill our well.  The deal with those darn knights in shining armor is that they really don’t exist.  Well, they exist but in real life they aren’t all that “knight-ish or shining armor-ish”, they are just regular old guys.  But they did their job and a well was drilled.  Not surprisingly however, there were a few glitches.  That is where that whole “regular old guys” part comes in. 


Instead of the estimated 100 foot well we ended up with 140 feet.  Instead of the estimated 8-10 gallons of water per minute well we will be lucky if we get 5.  Not too big of a deal, just more money and less water!  Two things that we are learning to live without around here. 


We still don’t have running water in the house.  When spring hits and the frost leave’s the frozen earth that will happen.  Until then we are still living dealing with buckets of water and heating water on the stove.  Amazingly we have adapted well to this pioneer living and it is much less of a pain then one might think so don’t feel bad for us.  The huge plus in all this is that we are hauling water from the backyard instead of the neighbors, and that is much better.   Today though Loren will haul from there once again since it has been so cold, and the valve froze up on the pump.  Rather then find away to thaw it out, it will be easier to haul it one more time.  Warm temps are supposed to arrive tomorrow and that is what we are hoping for. 


The set-up is still quite primitive but it works and we are grateful for what we have.  Turns out that life is much easier when you accept it as it comes. 



  1. I will never complain about a hardship again! You are a living a lovely example of living a joyful life regardless of what comes along. Good job! I’ll still be praying warm weather comes quickly and your ground thaws out in record time :-) Rosie

  2. Too bad the improvement is really not that much of an improvement except it is a new well and new pump. The output per minute is still sub-standard.

    Of course 5 gallons per minute is okay for normal house usage but it is pretty stingy when it comes to larger uses. Maybe that place is jinxed for good wells. Except we watered 60 head of cattle on the other stingy well but paid extra for pump wear and tear and electricty.

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