Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 14, 2008

Progress … part IV


Believe it or not we have made HUGE progress on the laundry room project.  Even though the fact that we have no water to do laundry, hasn’t detered Loren from forging ahead with the horribly long process of putting together pipe. 


Loren makes use of any available space to work!


This is troublesome for more then one reason.  Firstly, this is an old house … enough said?  Ha.   But really, an old house is generally not straight and in our case we discovered that the wall where the laundry pipes needed to go was 2 inches shorter then it should be.  That has been worked around and even though the circumstances were less then ideal, the pipes made it into the wall.  Thank goodness!  Secondly, we are using new pvc pipe and had to attach them to the old cast iron pipe … that was bigger then the new one.  When I went to the hardware store last time to see if they had any adhesive that would work to attach the two (pvc and cast iron) he gave me that deer in the headlights look.  I told him what Loren thought would work and he said “oh yep … that will work” and sent me on my way.  I am sure he was thinking “who the heck still has cast iron pipes in 2008!”.  Turns out that we do. 


Glueing and attaching pipes to one another.



Cutting pipes to fit and trimming them up.


So the pipes are all in and ready to go.   Next on the list is plumbing the laundry sink.  It is going to be so great when this project is done … whenever that is.  Running water would sure be a plus, and there is less of a rush on the finishing of the projects as the washer is just collecting dust, but it will be finished adventually, which is a good thing since there is a long list of “projects” around here to finish. 



The “new” pipes from the back of the laundry room wall.


The “new” pipes in the basement.


Hooray for Progress!



  1. Great fun! Good project! Nice work! As they say “Shoulda did dat long time ago”

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