Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 30, 2008

Coming soon … Farmgirl Week


Ok ladies and gentlemen … this is the week, the week that I am solely in charge of the farm while Loren is working on some training for our upcoming sewer system/constructed wetlands project.  Does that frighten you as much as it does me?  Oh man oh man! 

My plan is to fill you in each and everyday of my adventures.  I am pretty much terrified at this point that I am going to mess it all up and scared of those big steers that I used to think were cute.  They are way less scary with a fence and a camera between us!

See, Loren is the real farm boy around here … he LOVES to do chores and take care of the animals, which is why we have them … but this girl?, this city girl turned farm girl just 15 months ago (to the day even!) is not quite ready for this … who am I to handle all this. 

We have steers to be fed, watered, and bedding put down, chickens with the same needs in addition to collecting their tasty little eggs, getting in wood to heat the house, and the water … oh the water!  Have I told you that we are still water-less?  I learned how to “fetch the water” this evening … no easy task is all I am going to say right now!.  I also learned about all the other chores and let me just tell you that my head is spinning.  

It could be a wild week around here people!  I surely hope that it will be just fine … check back tomorrow (and say a prayer or two for me) to see how day one goes! 



  1. If you can bring yourself to take that roadkill with a bow off the side of your house, the rest of the week should be all downhill.

  2. Oh, my children are so funny! I am sure you will do fine Steph. Just think of those steers as you do your beloved teenagers at church you love to feed. But I guess they don’t have any horns:)

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