Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 1, 2008

Farmgirl Week … Fetching Water


As everyone is WELL aware … (pun actually intended this time, even though I am not especially punny) … we have been water-less in our old farmhouse since mid February.

If you are really interested in catching up on the well issue, you can read about suddenly being water-less here, and more well stuff here, you can meet our well guy Steve here, and the well drillers here.  Being without water for all these weeks has actually gone surprisingly well and we have grown quite accustomed to our pioneer living with no running water in the house or barn.  Since the new well was drilled it has gone much more smoothly and we are no longer in need of borrowing the neighbors water … which really was not borrowing at all since we never brought it back.  They were very gracious and generous with their gift of gallons upon gallons of water. 

Yesterday was the first day that I went to “fetch the water” for the animals and the house.  It is quite the process and I figured that it would be a tale best told through pictures … and a few words cause as we all know I tend to like words. 

Disclaimer … this post is not intended to be “a whining/complaining post”, just the facts.  If you chose to feel sorry for me then that is all you.  Ha.  Really, I am not complaining, but the fact of the matter is,  we should all be grateful for running water. 

First, we gotta plug in the pump on our temporary well.  The cord and hose are in the laundry room, underneath my “new sink”


The cord goes from the house to the pump out the back door. 


Water buckets are brought to the pump.  We don’t discriminate around here that is for sure … we use buckets of all sizes and colors.  Most of them are for the animal’s water.  The nice and clean ones are for the house. 


The hose is attached to the end of the well. 


The pump gets plugged in and a couple of seconds later the water flows.  Flowing water is great!

When all the buckets are full, you turn the valve half-off and quickly unplug the pump.  When you open the valve back up it sucks all the water in the hose back down the well.  It is the coolest sound … one of those sounds where after you here it you say “that was so cool!” … at least that is what I do, every time I hear it.


Then the hose is drained of its water and rolled up as well as the extension cord and they are brought into the house. 

Not so bad so far huh?  Pretty simple.  Now we go to the part that if I were to complain I would, (but I won’t) and where you just “may” feel a little sorry for me. 

All these full buckets need to be brought to the house. 

So from the pump to the corner of the house.


Then around the house.


Then hauled into the porch.


A good portion of these buckets … 7 a day are brought to the steers … way at the end of the hay shed. 


But if I were to complain just once, I would say … they are heavy buckets and those steers are really far away.  If I were to complain.

So there you have it … the water process here at the farm where the temporary well is our water source for a couple more weeks.  I am so thankful that Loren does this job normally … and seriously he has NEVER uttered a complaint … in weeks!  And he hauls those old milk jugs, which are 100 pounds each.  Crazy.  I have even tried to provoke him to complain so that he will admit it isn’t fun … but no, he has such a great attitude. 

I am also thankful that we have water at all, and mostly I am thankful that I only have to haul it alone 4 more times.  I may have to start helping Loren with this job now that I know how much work it is … since he never complained, I never knew … not that I am complaining now that I know of course.    



  1. You’re doing a great job! I wanted to tell you as I was reading your blog; I was thinking how grateful I am that you share your stories and what a blessing it is to my heart to read them.

  2. I’m glad you never once complained! :) IF you did it was oh-so-subtle.

    I wonder if Loren would even expect you to help him haul water. But he might appreciate it!

    I will be grateful for my water at my fingertips this afternoon,( briefly I’m sure) and then I’ll probably just go back to taking it for granted. Unless I forget to pay my water and light bill.

  3. I am so thankful for running water……in the house!

    One question……Couldn’t you get a longer house to get you closer to the house and the barn?

    Of course, I understand the benefits of good exercise in the fresh air……but oh your aching back!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  4. I don’t feel sorry for you, not one bit!

    (April fools!!)

    What a job, and what a trooper you are! :)

  5. Dat is like dem der good ol pioneer days.

    If you really want “runnin water” in your situation, you will just have to run like hell when you are carrying a pail full of the precious stuff.

    Good play by paly description.

  6. I think it is time for your nephews to visit the farm for a week.

  7. I think that Dave has the right idea! You can do it on your own, but would be nice for young strong men up there!

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