Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 3, 2008

Farmgirl Week … just pictures.

I am tired … tired of chores and tired of writing about them … they are still getting done and even though I gotta say that I am getting pretty darn good at the process … I am tired of them.  So as a result I am not going to write about the farm today … it just isn’t happening … you get stuck with some pictures of food.  Exciting? … probably not, but I will get back to long posts about chickens and steers, and farmgirl-ish material before you know it. 

I came across these photo’s awhile back and thought that I should really post them.  They are the first pictures that I took of farm food way back when I was a newlywed around here.  I don’t know why I started taking pictures of food but I did. 

Some chicken broth.  I just thought it was pretty.  Can broth be pretty?, I don’t know for sure, but I thought it was.  I still remember trying to get this shot … took me forever.   


Here are some freshly washed eggs … here I thought that they looked cool … can eggs look cool? especially outside of the fridge (ha!) … I don’t know for sure, but to me they did and I still really like the picture … still cool looking eggs after all this time.  


Here are some of my bread ingredients.  I love jars … and here are the ones that we have our oatmeal, flour and honey in.  Actually, now the honey is in a big jar … it is a lot of honey, and the flour jar is now full of wheat berries since we grind our wheat right before we use it.  I still like the shot even though it is less the acurate now, there is something about it that seems to say simple food to me. 


I just took this picture.  I was prepping veggies for some chicken soup and the colors were so bright and cheerful that I felt it was worthy of trying to find the camera buried under a pile of something.  It isn’t an old shot, but it is the most recent farm food picture. How lucky are you to get to see it so soon huh?


That’s all folks.  :)  Have a great day! 




  1. The veggies are lovely, and so nicely chopped. I like the eggs a lot. The baking ingredients look kinda like work to me……but wonderful just the same. But the broth, I don’t know quite how to say it; even with my optimistic, look on the bright side, glass is half full mentality, the broth is just not beautiful to me. I just can’t love it! But it was so nice of you to share.

    Now I’m gonna get it from all your fans. :)

  2. You’d think these pictures would be boring, Poofer, but for some reason, they’re totally not. I agree with your mom about the veggies, the eggs. I like jars too—how cool that you grind your own wheat!—and I’m into making bread, so that pic really works for me. As to the broth…..I think it does look pretty in the ladle, though maybe not so much in the big bowl. :)

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