Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 15, 2008

Shoot …

Just to complicate things … yesterday while Phil the digger was here, he hit the sewer line.  What does that mean exaclty?  Well, it basically means that I am not only water-less but now I am also drain-less.  No water, or anything else for that matter should go down the drain because if it does, then that will get into the drain tile trench.  Drains were about the only thing that I had left.  Bummer.

Will you go flush a toilet or run some water down your drain in my honor please?  :)  Thanks much. 



  1. I have flushed, and showered for you! HEE HEE, sorry girl for your draining and flowing isues!

  2. How long before this too shall pass? I wonder what ELSE could happen! Maybe they could knock down the electric entrance. Good grief! I would be losing patience by now….actually, I would have lost patience a long time ago. :)

  3. Oh Sweetie….you have been through so much this year. I am praying hard that things look brighter very soon. ((hugs)) Rosie

  4. they hit your sewer line and all you can say is “shoot”…your self control is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tina, she could say something else, but then she would have to flush.

    So sorry Poofer, I couldn’t resist.

    Fixing a sewer pipe should be a quick fix, but keep that guy away from the power lines.

    And the cars.

    And barn.

  6. You guys are funny. Thanks for the sympathy. The sewer line isn’t too easy of a fix because it is so old and coroded and the digger didn’t just hit it but more “scraped” it. Nice huh? Loren has to dig up a bunch of it and see if he can temporarily repair it since we are also putting in a new sewer this spring … but not till the mud is gone so another month or so. Life on the farm … never a dull moment I guess.

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