Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 22, 2008

Do I still have readers out there?

I was thinking this afternoon … happens sometimes … and I pondered what I could post about today.  Somedays coming up with something to write is tough … and as you can see by my absence the past FOUR days, that I have come up with nothing.  Maybe I think too much about it and I should just write?, but that wouldn’t really work so well for this farm girl because I would probably just bore the dicken’s right out of you.   By the way … “dicken’s” is one of my new favorite words! … in case you were wondering.  Anyway, I have found that generally I need an idea or a great plan on something to write about for it to come easily. 

So I have thought and thought for days and each day I procrastinate and it turns into the next day and then the life of the blog suffers a bit more.  It used to be my goal to post everyday because I liked to see my highlighted dates on the little calendar to your right.  The trouble with me, is that once I miss a day all my ambition is gone … I figure “what’s another un-highlighted day since there is already one”.  But this 4 day stretch is pretty bad … have I gone this long before?  4 un-higlighted days seems like lots. 

There are lots of blogs where people write about their day, little tid-bits and etc.  I do that a little, but mostly I don’t go through my day and give you all the details … cause really folks … life around here isn’t that exciting.  We have our moments, but lately life is just flowing from one day to the next with little excitment, and little that sparks a story in me that I think that you would want to read about.   

In addition to the lack of excitement around here I am still greatly irritated with how I need to post my pictures and etc. here at wordpress.  It discourages me.  It is unbelievably slow!  As you are well aware I love to tell my stories with pictures and well … with this new fancy process here, and my completely outdated dial-up, it is no easy task to post what I would prefer to and so I give up long before I should. 

Life just seems to have gotten a little routine the past week … maybe it is the spring coming and I am adjusting to that, and maybe just maybe it is because I am turning 35 this weekend and that seems like a pretty big deal to me.  I know that all you who are over 35 are rolling your eyes and saying “oh good grief … that is so not old!” and those of you who are less then the ripe old age of 35 are thinking “oh you poor dear … I understand how you feel … that is way old!”.  Maybe it is a weak excuse but really … 35?  How the heck did that happen.

So for today this is all I got … just a few random whining excuses as to why this blog seems to have run dry.   If you haven’t given up on me just yet, check back … I am certain more farm stories are brewing. 



  1. Don’t feel bad we woke up last year – and we were 50! I don’t feel a day of 35 (most of the time) My husbands name is Loren too.

  2. Oops – I meant over 35, not of 35…
    The spelling is the first to go. Sigh.

  3. I just found your blog. Keep writing :)

  4. Gosh, WordPress is laborious now. I wonder if they have gotten any formal complaints. I know I haven’t gone that route…..yet!

  5. with all that is going on with you…you worry that your life doesn’t have enough to write about????? If I were you…I would HOPE for some of those days! What next the electricity? teehee!

  6. Welcome back! You weren’t gone that long, it’s just that you were so diligent in writing everyday and you got us spoiled! :)

    Now that spring has sprung I’m sure there will be lots of things going on, coming up, and water, sewer and words flowing.

  7. Hi, Poofer! I still read your blog. :) But I’m like you—if I don’t have a concrete idea of what I want to write about, I just sort of let it slide. I’ll let days (sometimes whole weeks) go by without writing. And it does make one start to wonder if anyone cares.

    Well, people DO care, but we all have our own lives, too. So while you might not write for four days, I might not even check your blog for four days—when I finally do, I don’t even notice that there was a gap between posts.

    Blah blah…..I’m rambling.

    I am WITH YOU on the turning 35 thing! I turn 35 this year, too; and I am thinking the exact thing you are: “How did THAT happen???” Aren’t we really still 20? Anyway, have a super happy birthday!

    Oh, and one more thing: the new WordPress format is kind of freaking me out too. I don’t have dial-up (did that for years and am SO glad that’s over!), but I can just imagine what a total pain it is for you. My advice: bring a really good book or magazine with you to the computer, so you have something to read while you wait for all that boring uploading!


  8. I missed your posts, Steph. But I’m patient. Having just turned 47, I have trouble remembering 35. I did have 6 kids at home then so maybe that’s a good excuse. :) I just don’t WANT to remember! ha

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