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It is strange the things that you remember.  When I was 15 years old my sister was 16.  I recall being extremely jealous that she was 16 at the time.  One particular evening she left the house with some friends and I was left sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and a friend of hers.  I complained about being 15 and when I look back on it now I have no idea why I didn’t know better.  See, my mom is really positive … one of those people that finds the silver lining it pretty much everything.  Not a moment after I uttered my complaint I was instructed to write out 15 good things about being 15.  It was torturous but I must have finished the list or else I would still be sitting at the table.  I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.   But it wasn’t yesterday, it was nearly 20 years ago!  20 years which also translates to 2 decades.  Where has all that time gone? 

As I was thinking about turning 35 tomorrow and complaining a bit more then I really should, I have continued to go back to when I was 15 and my long list of 15 good things.  I realized that I needed to write out a new list … a list of 35 this time around.   They are things that I am thankful for, not in any particular order since I couldn’t decide if number one would be the best, or number 35.  They are all equally important for the most part, and those that take highest priority should be obvious. 

Poofergirl’s 35 Reason’s to be thankful for turning 35 years old

  1.   I am married to the most wonderful man who doesn’t think that 35 is old at all. 

  2.  Anthony Neal. 

  3.  I have running water. 

  4.  Blooming spring flowers.

  5.  I get to go to Mass on my birthday.

  6.  I have a family that still likes me after 35 years.

  7.  Birthday popcorn cakes made by my husband.

  8.  It’s on a Sunday … my favorite day of the week.

  9.  People read this blog!

 10.  Having healthy food to eat.

 11.  I have friends that are with me through good times as well as bad.

 12.  I still have all my teeth.

 13.  Chicken’s with beady little eyes … what can I say, they are growing on me!

 14.  Dial up … hey, it’s better then nothing.

 15.  My king size bed and good sleep.

 16.  The steers … even with their scary horns.

 17.  An over-flowing craft supply room.

 18.  My husbands hands.

 19.  A house warmed by wood that I didn’t have to cut.

 20.  Full freezers.

 21.  A tiny town to live in that feels more and more like home everyday.

 22.  Clean dishes drying in the dish-rack.

 23.  Freshly swept floors that I didn’t have to sweep.

 24.  Transportation with 4 tires. 

 25.  A clean kitchen.

 26.  Butter … enough said. 

 27.  My treadmill … see number 26.

 28.  Spring rains and even the spring snows. 

 29.  Snail mail & birthday cards.

 30.  An automatic washer that is closer to making it’s upstairs debut. 

 31.  Flipping on a light switch and the room brightening.

 32.  Spray & Wash stain sticks and clean laundry.

 33.  Pajamas … I’d wear them all day if I could.

 34.  Mixing bowls & kitchen things.

 35.  Growing another year older wiser.

Have a great day everyone!  Thanks for reading.  :)




  1. Happy 35th Birthday…….your list is great. That is a great exercise for any day of what ever year we are in!

  2. HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY, STEPHANIE !! You are one of my many blessings always.

    Thankfulness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. I’m glad to have taught a valuable lesson. I especially love remembering you guys making a list of 10 things you liked about a sibling you were arguing with. And I remember saying “he/she has nice eyes” did NOT count! :)

    The sun is shining and reflecting off our April snowfall and the songbirds who came home a couple weeks early as still singing outside my window. I think I hear the happy birthday song–just kidding of course!

  3. Happy BIrthday from Josie, Mark, Kate, and Alex. We hope you enjoy your day and have a wonderful year.

  4. Happy Birthday, Steph! Love your list! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! :) Great reminder reading your list of the many things we have to be thankful for. Your mom is a wise woman :)

  6. ALso, you should have:Healthy, smart, beautiful, kind, giving, and you have a great sence of humor, which lets face it, we need in life. Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman I am so proud to have as a sister.

  7. Hope you had a great birthday, Stephanie! You’re list is terrific and very inspiring! :)

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