Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 28, 2008

Unexpected Surprise

Spring has sprung here at the farm.  Yeah there is still snow outside but inside the house I have begun to clean out … you know, get inside closets and drawers that are completely unorganized and completely chaotic.  When the organizing bug hits me it really hits.  I have been waiting for it and I am so glad it showed up on this spring Monday. 

Though most of the boxes and etc. that arrived at the farm way back when we wed have been gone though and have found a home here, I unfortuately have a few more “pre-marriage piles”.  I made my way through my old work bag first thing this morning in a closet and in one of the pockets I found this …

Now, I sorta remember getting it but I don’t completely remember where it came from … if I picked it up or possibly one of the “kids” that I worked with gave it to me.  It was about a year and half ago and that last month or so of work was pretty much filled with wedding talk and activity so I don’t feel too bad that I don’t have all the details of where it came from.  Regardless, I was excited to see it because it is obviously really cute, and because I was just looking at little coin purses last week and thinking that I should really get one.  Those two reasons aside, l was most excited to find it when I opened it up …

20 bucks!  How cool is that?  I would have been happy with any amount since this new farmgirl hasn’t recieved payment for working for what seems like years and years.  The other great thing is that since this was a pre-marriage bag, this money is completely mine … it was mine before the vows of “for richer or for poorer” so … no sharing on this unexpected payday!  Ha. 

Even though my story isn’t as cool as Margaret’s, it is still pretty cool and I have been eagerly going through piles of stuff just incase there is another surprise of cash for me.  



  1. How cute is that?! I hope the person who gave it to you reads your blog and will refresh your memory.

    And you have another surprise coming because I was sorting out my cabinet in the diningroom this morning (obviously not a frequent past-time of mine) and found a gift I had ordered for your birthday a couple months ago and forgotten!! I wonder whose memory genes you inherited. :) You can wait til this weekend to find out what it is.

  2. Gotta love found $! Enjoy your payday :) It’s a very cute coin purse too!

  3. Poofer, your story is just as cool as Margaret’s—just told in a different way. Lucky you! :)

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