Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 1, 2008

Cow Supplies … they are just plain ‘ol big!

As I was warming some of Bessie’s milk for the name-less calf I just had to take a picture.  

It’s big huh?  So strange.  He took the bottle really well last night though.  He does have a new mom of course but Bessie has lots and lots of milk since she had her calf about 2 weeks ago.  The name-less calf is about 3 weeks old but was fed very little before we got him and his stomach is pretty little and needs to grow slowly so that he doesn’t get sick. 

As Loren explained it to me, when a new baby calf is born the mama only has a little milk and so it only gets what it needs and by the time she has all her milk coming in (like Bessie now) they know to quit when they are full and won’t get sick from consuming too much.  So for us, we need to slowly give our little name-less calf milk and milk Bessie out until everyone is on the same schedule and has learned what they need to. 

We also had to teach him to drink from Bessie and a bottle since he was taught to drink from a bucket.  A bucket is better if you don’t have a mama.  So he get’s to drink from Bessie twice a day and we give him some from a bottle one or two other times. 

Loren went to feed him at about 2pm today but he said he wouldn’t drink and so I tried again at about 5pm and he just sorta played with it.  You know how when a baby plays with their bottle … it is a pretty good indicator that they aren’t hungry and apparenlty a baby cow does the same thing as a baby human … totally made me laugh.  I got a little in him, but he just didn’t want any.  Loren will try when he gets home again tonight.  It’s gotta be pretty tough to adjust to all this, but our little guy seems to be adjusting ok. 

Loren ordered some supplies the other day to boost Bessie’s nutrition.  She had been sick (which is why we got her) and needs some extra help to get her back to where she should be.  Turning a sick conventional dairy cow into an organic grass fed beef cow takes a little extra effort at first. 

When Loren was done ordering he told me that he got some capsules which were like vitamins and some pellet deals that you mix with their food or mineral.  We were chatting about the stuff and all of a sudden I said “did you say capsules?” and he said “yep”.  I continued … “so, exactly how big are those going to be!?” and he said with a chuckle “well, I don’t really know … but I imagine pretty big.”

Yeah … they are big.  I put a vitamin that we take next to it for some perspective.  Ha. 



  1. I think the vitamin you take looks pretty darn big! The cow-size one is almost surreal. Since I spend part of my day making capsules, I’m thankful we don’t do them for bovines!

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