Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 6, 2008

Let the gardening begin.

Loren plowed the garden yesterday.  This former city girl hasn’t had the privilage of watching much “farm stuff” and so I thought that it was a pretty cool process … the plow cuts through the dirt like a hot knife through butter and it was fun to see.  

We are trying a new garden spot this year.  Originally this new spot was going to be an addition to the old garden but Loren didn’t marry a farm girl and so that idea seems a bit much right now.  The dream of a giant garden will need to wait at least another year.  Since I have never had a garden I am still learning.  While a veteran gardener will wake up in the morning and know exactly what needs to happen in the garden that day, I would generally think in the evening “oh shoot … I bet I should have done some work in the garden today!”.  This city girl is a slow learn when it comes to the garden but I will get it eventually.  Our garden last year was about 100 feet by 100 feet.  This year we are looking at half that size.  I am much more comfortable with a smaller one.  Plus, there is that whole theory that a smaller garden will actually produce more if it is more manageable.  We will have to see if I am correct on that theory. 

Loren has been working on the soil in this new area for a couple of years and so we are hoping that it will be a good year for growing.  With the drought that past couple of summers the “old” garden has been run over with weeds galore and since the soil is also a bit unbalanced as far as nutrients goes, we are going to let it rest a year.  The goal is to put a couple of pigs out there and let them eat the weeds that grow from last years seeds.  

The plan is to plant tomorrow morning.  Peas and onions for sure need to get in first, then spinach, cabbage, & broccoli.  They are going in late but oh well!  When it snows in Minnesota in late April the garden just has to wait.   



  1. I don’t know why but freshly turned soil like yours always looks delicious to me. Like cake or something.

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