Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 9, 2008

Peas are in!

The peas are in … and by “in” I mean in the ground.  So strange how a dried up pea can produce a beautiful big stalk full of pea pods … God is pretty cool like that. 

Believe it or not, I planted all the peas.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen … all of ’em.  All 200 feet of them!  And 2 rows per 100 feet so really, it is like I planted 400 feet!  Loren did help though a little with the planting “prep”.  And by “little” I mean that he did a ton of the work … but, each and every pea in the dirt was all me … except the first few the Loren put down as examples … but still, putting the seed in the dirt is technically the “planting” right? 

Loren put the posts in, which will later hold up the wire fence that the little pea stalks hold on to for dear life.  Ha.  Ok not really, but they do wind their vines on it and support themselves.  After the posts were put in Loren dug the path for the peas.  He did both rows and then I got down on all fours and carefully placed peas about 4 finger widths apart.  Some were more spaced then others and some were less spaced then others but really, they are just peas and there is not a “pea planting police” around these parts.  The goal is to make nice straight rows of peas and well, all I can say is that I tried, but really, it is harder then it looks like it would be. 


After the peas are planted you cover ’em up with the dirt, pat the dirt down and we are good to go.  Hopefully in a few days we will see little sprouts of pea stalks. Loren covered and patted down most of the first row and I did all of the second row.  I add that just to prove that really, I do work around here even though all of the photo’s show Loren. 

that\'s 100 feet from this post to the end

Here is the first post marking the peas and way at the end marks 100 feet.  You might think that 200 feet of peas is a little bit over the top and really, I agree that it seems like a lot.  But I love peas and Loren loves peas and well … the wire is already cut to 100 feet and why mess with a good plan.  But really, there is nothing quite like cracking open a bag of fresh frozen peas in January that you packed yourself in the hot days of July.  Yum.  It makes all the work worth it.   You may need to remind me of that when I am weeding in sweaty hot weather sometime in June!  



  1. Poofer,

    Wow! impressive!

    Can you ask Loren if he thinks it too late for us to get our garden in out East?

    I wanted to try The Mittleider Method with raised beds this year and procrastinated a bit getting going on it. I am prepared to get everything I need tomorrow and build the beds and plant this weekend.

    The city boy in me says anytime is okay after the last frost even if that was months ago. The cheapskate boy in me doesn’t want to waste my time and money if it is too late.

    I will try and call you guys this weekend.

  2. I love the little rows of peas in the trench….and I think they’re very straight considering there are rocks and chunks of soil to go around. Bet they’ll be up before you know it and you’ll be pea-pickers come the end of June.

    Beautiful photos of your husband and I imagine you look beautiful too in all that dirt and green grass and sunshine!

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