Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 9, 2008

Say bye-bye to the canyons.

Yes it is true … just days … ok, almost a month after we dug the canyons for the new well and the drain tile, the huge spaces are being filled in!  I was just sortof getting used to them.  Ha.  Not really, making the way around them to get to the garden was becoming a nuisance.  Good old Veteran Haymaker came today to start filling them in with the neighbors bobcat.  I don’t know that he will be trading in his hay making skills for bobcat help only (at least I sure hope not) but I think he rather enjoyed playing working in the dirt.   It’s always good to have a Veteran Haymaker on your team. 



  1. I think all boys love to play in the dirt. You should see my 2 and 3 year olds when they come in from using the slides, etc. They do more digging in the dirt than sliding down the slide, obviously. My sink is brown and sandy, the soap pump needs a wash, but the kids are happy and so am I. :) Your pine trees are watching and leaning over to whisper comments about his technique it looks like. Like a small town full of gossips. Maybe I’m imagining that.

  2. I love my red quilt square that keeps popping up next to my comment! Did you do that?

  3. Ginny will be jealous!

  4. I like my quilt square, too. But what will Ginny be jealous of? The boy playing in the dirt? Glad your grand canyons are history, Steph. :)

  5. I don’t have any say over the quilt squares. I think that is one of the “perks” with the new wordpress format that I still can’t love! :) Oh well. They are pretty though and of course I like the idea of them being quilts.

    Ummm … yeah? what will Ginny be jealous of? I am so curious.

  6. Ginny loves those little machines that move dirt like that. She always tells me she wants to try one when she sees one. She really likes the tiny backhoe too with the little cab. Some peculiar trait shes always had, funny huh? Wouldn’t expect it hehe :)

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