Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 10, 2008

Birthday Presents

Even though my birthday was days and days ago I am still getting birthday presents.  How fun.  I really love presents.  I love them so much that when we were going through the “5 Love Languages” before we were married I thought that for sure I was gifts, but I wasn’t … turns out that words was my primary and gifts was really low on the list.  So I guess what that means is that even though I love getting gifts, I don’t “need” them to feel loved.   Interesting huh? 

Anyway … about birthday presents.  Today I received a birthday package!  In addition to gifts, I also love “real” mail.  If I go to the mailbox and there is more there than just a stack of bills it can make my whole day.  And this day it was way better then just a letter!  So much better that the mail lady had to drive all the way to the house cause the box was way too big for the mailbox.  How fun is that?  I knew that a package was coming from my friend Theresa but I sorta forgot until I saw the mail lady.  Theresa and I have birthdays that are only 3 days a part.  She likes that I am way older then her for those short days.

Here is my cool “stuff”!  She did such a great job.  There is a hummingbird feeder and food, and a hanger deal.   I have been telling Loren that I want to start feeding birds and such … he isn’t convinced but this is a no-brainer since all the supplies are here … I just need to figure out where to put it.  You will also see two cute little ducks that are adorable and remind me of us … I am sure that she thought the same thing.  They are sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak cause they make me smile and we all know that I spend most of my time in that darn kitchen.   There is a cool notebook, fun pens, a great sun hat for the garden, TWO cokes … I love coke!, and some yummy Dove chocolates.   Isn’t she great?  Very fun presents for an old 35 year old. 

I also got some presents on my actual birthday that I have been wanting to share.  My mom and dad got me a bunch of bedding plants!  They look a little sad now because they are still in their little pots because it is still pretty chilly … but when I got them they were so pretty.   They will cheer back up when they get into some good soil. 

I also got a Dairy Queen gift card … yum! … and chocolates which are long gone and some cash which is pretty much all gone as well. 

Birthday presents  … one good thing about turning older!  :) 



  1. So nice that you are getting gifts days after. It kind of stretches out the celebration! Glad you had a great b-day!

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