Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 12, 2008

Better late than never.

So … here’s the deal, I received this “butter lamb” for Easter from a lady at church.  She apparently makes them for her family and chooses one other random person each year and gives them one and she picked us.  I have a feeling that she heard about our miscarriage and that is why we were the lucky recipients but that is ok … I am all about free butter of course, for any reason.  Anyway, I took the picture at Easter I think, or right around Easter and figured that I had 50 days to post it since Easter lasts for 50 days for Catholics.  Well, turns out that I didn’t post it … and I had 50 days!  I gotta say … that is pretty pathetic, even for me.  So rather then wait until next year I am posting it on this random day, before next year comes and goes.  One of the reasons why it never got posted was because I couldn’t think of anything to write about it … how much can you say about a pound of butter shaped into the figure of a lamb?  And well, I still got nothin’ as far as a reason why it should be shown for all the world to see … but I had to get it out of the “to blog” picture file and well, it’s butter shaped like a lamb, someone is bound to get a kick out of it.   



  1. Wow! A butter lamb! How…Wow! I think she has talent. What are the eyes and nose made of?

  2. The eyes and nose were a cut up “craisin” I think … or maybe it was just a dried cranberry? Looked like a craisin though.

  3. Ewe

  4. A whimsical Lamb Of God reference in the form of butter. Extra points if you can spot the subtle Eucharistic leanings as well. It’s pretty clever on a lot of levels :)

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