Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 15, 2008

Cute quilt … but crooked.

Another sewing post. 

For those of you that really only like the “farm” posts, well, you will have to wait until Ms. Corrine has that calf for any updates there.  She is taking her sweet time which means it is probably a boy calf which is way less fun for me.  I was really hoping for a little Clara calf. 

For those of you that like the “garden” posts, you gotta wait until the little sprouts come out of the dirt.  And it would help if we spent some more time planting … which is on the schedule for tomorrow so we’ll see how that pans out.  And at some point I will have pictures of my flowers in the dirt but you will have to wait for that whole “fear of frost” to disappear. 

But, for those that like the few and far between “craft” posts then today is your day!  Oh, and for those of you that like all my posts you should know that I think that you are the greatest!  :) 

I have been sewing again … whew … I don’t know what happened to my procrastinator gene but it must be taking a break because not only am I about 90% done with the top of Ms. Martha’s quilt, I am also completely done with my new niece Baby Anne’s quilt … and get this, she isn’t even born yet so that means that I am early yet again!  She is due very soon and amazingly enough her quilt is D-O-N-E!  Hard to believe I know. 

I started this little quilt months ago and even though it “looks” cute, it is about the most crooked thing I have made.  And that is saying something since “crooked quilts” is sorta my thing.  Ha.  But oh well!, it is cute and you gotta look pretty close to see how the squares are far from matching up.   Baby Anne won’t care and so I am not going to either. 



  1. That is the cutest quilt! I can’t even see the crooked, but then I’m not the straightest stitcher myself. :) Can’t wait to see the the cutest little baby girl wrapped in it!

    I don’t know what happened to your procrastinator gene, maybe it was a figment of your imagination. Isn’t it lots more fun to create things without the stress of being in a huge hurry? Which reminds me, I have a quilt to make myself that I started months ago.

  2. It is adorable! Oh what a lucky baby girl!

  3. I spy, with my quilter’s eye, a quilt made with love…and that means the crooked doesn’t show at all! From what I can see, it’s pretty darn straight! I love it. :)

  4. I love it :) Mine are always crooked but yours doesn’t look that way to me :)

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