Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 22, 2008

Finally! … a new calf!

Here HE is …

But … HE is going to need a name.  Since I was really planning on a little Clara calf, there is yet another name-less calf on my watch.  Any ideas?  I need a name that starts with a C … we already have Charlie and Caleb so those are out, and I won’t name a cow Christopher … I don’t know why, I just can’t.   So a C name for a boy calf.  Can you help me?   

Oh, and incase you were wondering … Corrine seems to like him too.  She made sure that I knew he was hers and let me get a couple pictures even.  Maybe this new little guy will soften her a bit huh?    




  1. HOW sweet. So tiny, at least for the moment ha? How about the name ideas:
    C names are dificult, oh well, good luck!

  2. He IS little! Very pretty little boy. How about:
    Cuthbert…I know…strange name!

    Jeri, you could probably think of 100 more!

  3. Car themed, as with Bentley_
    Corvette-ha ha

  4. How about Cole
    or Cody
    or Collin, Cassius, Curt, Colby, Coleman, Cubby

  5. By the way, I’m typing from MN! Just flew in a couple hours ago. :)

  6. Wow … you guys are good. I came up with one I like … a spin off of the Coop-da-ville idea from Brian. What do you think of COOPER?

  7. Aww he’s cute! I like Cooper!

  8. I like Cooper too. Does that mean Brian gets 1/2 # of beef for his entry??

  9. Well, since you didn’t get a CLARA, how about CLARENCE? (You could call him CLANCY for short!)

  10. Cooper is DEFINITELY a good name :) however–Clarence is nice too. Clearly Clarence. :) I can’t wait to meet him!!

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