Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 23, 2008

Meet …


Yep, I decided on Cooper.   Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.  I can’t believe how many we all came up with. 

Cooper seems to be adjusting pretty well to life on the farm now that he is outside Ms. Corrine.  Speaking of Corrine … she isn’t so happy with me right now.  This afternoon, she left Cooper in the front yard.  Loren has the girl’s grazing in the front yard for a couple of days since the grass is good there and he needs a couple days to work on fence before they all get back out on grass.  When you raise 100% grass fed beef, you use what ever grass you have!  It works for me because I am able to get some close up shots of them.  Bonus.  :) 

So anyway, this afternoon I glanced out to count heads and make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be … it’s the future mom in me I think, I don’t have kids heads to count so I count cattle.  Ha.  On my glance outside I see Corrine turning the corner around the barn going towards the cow yard and poor little Cooper way up by the front door of the house.  Not good.   I went to try to get her back with no luck.  She just looked at me as to say “what do you want now!” so I decided that I better try to get Cooper back to her.  He is little and can walk right under neath the fence and so it isn’t safe for him to be alone.  I was able to walk him across the front yard, over the driveway, and back towards the cow yard.  He was doing really great until he came upon a dozen chickens in his path.  He stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at them.  It was sorta funny.  He finally mustered enough courage to walk past them and around the barn we went towards the cow yard gate.  Who do you suppose we met there?  Yep … Cranky Corrine in all her glory ready to kill me for walking beside her baby.  For some reason I was expecting her to say “oh thank you for bringing him to me! I am such a scatter brain … thanks for watching out for Cooper Poofergirl, your the greatest!”.  Nope I got “what are you doing with my baby!!!!” and a few snorts and hmmmfff’s came my way as well.  It was a little scary actually.  I quickly exited the area.  She seems to have him under her close watch now and so I am glad about that.  Believe me, I don’t want a baby calf to watch over … she can have him.  :) 

In Corrine’s defense, you know cause I am just so nice about her all the time  … last night she came down with Milk Fever.  I know very little about it, but it is really common with Jersey’s and has to do with not having enough mineral and calcium.  So late last night when Loren was home from work and doing chores, (about 3am) he called the vet because Corrine was really shaky on her feet (one of the symptoms).  It was our first late night vet call since I have been here.  The vet thought it would be ok to wait until 6am which we did, and Loren went to check on her then.   I was fast alseep at this time but Loren tells me that he called the vet again because she was worse and he came about 6:30ish and gave her some shots.  She seemed to feel better Loren thought and was able to get up and walk.  It can be a deadly deal for them if you don’t catch it right away.  The milk fever causes them to be disorientated, and early this morning Loren was a little worried about her because she seemed to forget about Cooper and he had to re-introduce them because she wasn’t being very motherly.   She seems to be ok now … except for the little “hey, here is your baby that you left across the farm” moment.  Apparently she isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, but hopefully that will be the last one of those moments. 



  1. I hope Corrine remembered she had a baby today and fed him! The name Cooper is perfect for him, especially with a companion named Bentley. Good thing they don’t run on gasoline, but on milk. :)

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