Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 26, 2008

A quilting day … again.

Another quilting day … seems that those are happening a bit more frequently. 

Today I am working on a quilt for my niece that graduated from High School.  Can you believe that my neice graduated from high school???  I look pretty good for my age huh?  Ha.  But really, this whole graduating from high school thing makes me feel pretty stinkin’ old.  Oh well though, I would still be this old had she dropped out of high school … which thankfully did not happen.  In fact, this niece is so great that not only did she graduate from high school but she also graduated from the community college in her home town and got her AA.  She is smart I think.  :)  Anyway, this post was supposed to be about quilting right?  Right. 

I decided a couple weeks ago that I should start a tradition of making quilts for all the graduates in my family … this seemed like a simple task since this year there is only one, we’ll see how I feel in a couple years when there are duplicates.  So anyway, you may have read that I said that I thought about this quilt project a few weeks ago … quess when I started it?  You are so good!, TODAY was the right answer.  My goal for completion of said quilt is Sunday.  But I have made some progress so don’t worry … this procrastinator won’t let you down. 

Among the wirl of fabric being cut and sewn and pressed, I realized that I have two quilts that I made last month as gifts that I haven’t shared with you yet.  Now that they have both been recieved I can post a picture or two. 

You remember Martha’s quilt?  Well, the wedding went off without a hitch on the 14th and she loved the quilt … at least she said so.  I will post some other pictures of the wedding when I get some.  This isn’t the best picture of the quilt because you can’t see the whole thing since it is laying on the bed.  I am supposed to be getting a picture of the two of them with it later as well so I will share that with you when I have wedding pictures.   Also, the finished quilt was tied which I wasn’t completely crazy about but whatever … I think that I am a hand quilter just waiting to happen! 

For added “fun” I made a couple of pillowcases that matched one of the borders and blocks in the quilt.  I embroidered Mr. & Mrs. on them … fun right?  Of course Martha loved that little extra touch.  Good thing she is so easy to please. 

I also made another baby quilt awhile back that was sent out East to brother David, his wife Julie and kids for their little one due in August.  Here is how that turned out. 

I really think it is cute of course.  I love to make the baby ones … they are so quick!  Ms. Martha’s was a king size and I might have to think twice about another one that big … they are a lot of work. 

So there you have it, you are now officially updated on all the quilting happenings around here.  Don’t you feel better?  Once I finish the one I am working on I will post a picture for you … rest assured it should look ok in the end, but remember my motto “Nothing says homemade like a little imperfection!”. 



  1. I envy your quilting talents, they’re so beautiful!
    I absolutely love quilts, old, new and imperfect! I love the colors in Martha’s quilt, and ohh that baby quilt…its just so sweet! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Besides graduating from school, your niece is also 18 years old today! So think how old I feel? ha….actually I figured out long ago that I would be the same age even if I hadn’t given birth to any children. Though it is a sobering thought that our oldest son is soon 40!! :) It mostly helps me realize how fast life flies by, and encourages me to enjoy every day.

    As for the quilts, they are both beautiful ! Good luck with today’s project. You seem to do your best work at the last minute.

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