Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 27, 2008

Free Parking

Oddly enough our well drillers showed up today.  Odd because well, they already dug our well and no problems are in the works.  When I saw them backing down the long driveway I asked Loren “Ummm … why are the well diggers here?” and he replied “I have no idea?, maybe they are coming to say hi?”.  I said “oh?, well backing up that huge trailer of equipment seems like a lot of work to say hi!”.  Since it was taking forever for them to back that trailer up I went in the house to watch and wait until I was told what was going on. 

Loren met them half way down the driveway and two guys popped out of the truck.  I recognized one of them as our own well driller but the other man was a mystery.  They chatted, did some pointing around the farm and the unknown well driller got back in the truck while Loren and our well driller guy helped direct the trailer.  Odd I tell ya, just odd.  They unhooked the equipment trailer outside my kitchen window and then more chatting ensued … lots of laughter so it looked like it might have been a fun conversation to be in. 

Then the well diggers left … with their equipment parked on our yard. 

Loren came in and I said “what’s with this?” and he said “well, they were doing a job right around here and they are just parking the equipment here since they are coming back this way on Monday.”  So we are basically saving them a bunch of gas.  Are we nice or what? 

Wanna come over and go for a ride?  I wish you could … but can you believe they didn’t leave me any keys?  Shucks.  Guess that little part of the deal didn’t come with the free parking contract.


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