Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 30, 2008

Cutting Hay

This afternoon Mr. Loren cut some more hay … which means we should get some rain in the next day or two.  Ha.  But really, it is might rain on Wed. I think it was and Loren said that if it only gets rained on once or twice that is great for  around this farm.  Apparently we have low standards … or else we are pretty used to low quality hay. 

Anyway, while he was out there I thought I would get a couple shots.  First he mowed a couple “swaths” as he refers to them up and down the driveway and then he moved to the hayfield and mowed about 5 “swaths” he said.  It is a really cool thing to watch and of course photo’s don’t really allow you to see any of the “action” of the big tall grass falling as it is cut, so you will have to use your imagination.

down one side …

up the other side …

oops … don’t hit the old mailbox post.  here you can see the big ol’ blade …

in the hayfield …

the mower in action …

here Loren looks like a little bit of a cranky haycutter but he wasn’t … he was just saying “what time is it?” when I snapped the shot. 

the “teeth” that do the cutting …

and … all done for the day.

I love the smell if a freshly mowed yard in the summer … but this smell was even better just because there was so stinkin’ much … unfortunately when I bail it the smell is mostly “rotting grass”.  Hmmm … you will have to excuse me as I go spend some time with the long “swaths” while the smell is a whole lot better then rotting. 




  1. I hope you don’t get tired of “hearing” me say how much I love your photographs! I only wish *I* could smell the freshly-cut hay, too! :)

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