Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 3, 2008

Penelopies … or something like that.

Loren likes to call peonies … penelopies.  He thinks he is funny and pretty much, he is.  Our peonies started to bloom a couple weeks ago and they are just beautiful. 

When I was looking at the buds one day I told Loren “ewww … there are tons of ants over here!”.  I am not a fan of creepy and crawly insects.  He said “ummm … that is how your beautiful flowers bloom.” …  “Oh really?, then they can stay I guess.”, I said.

We have some lighter shades of pink and some darker shades of pink but they are all very pretty penelopies … or peopnies … or whatever you chose to call them.  Chances are good that “penelopies” is going to stick around these parts.



  1. The first time I received a handful of picked peonies from my neighbor, I didn’t know about those teeny ants. I proudly put them in a water filled vase and sat it in the middle of my kitchen table. I felt so home-makery. A few hours later, I walked into the kitchen, marveling at how good those things smelled….then caught sight of an army of teeny ants marching across the table, down the wall and onto my floor. So much for feeling home-makery..haha. I’ve since learned to give them a good shake before bringing them in, or better yet–enjoy them in the garden. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting your beautiful penelopies! I think that’s a cute name. It reminded me to check my lone peony bush back by the garage so I could make a small…very small…bouquet. There were only 3 so far this year.
    I must not have enough ants.

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