Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 5, 2008

4th of July … farm style

The 4th of July has come and gone for yet another year.  I hope that everyone had a good day celebrating our countries birth and thanked God for our many many blessings. 

Around the farm our 4th of July’s are less then exciting.  Traditionally when Loren was raised here the 4th of July was a big work day and for several years it was the day they cleaned the garage.  No garage cleaning around here since there was hay to rake, and bail. 

Before we worked on hay Loren’s two sisters and their children came to visit.  The kids played and the adults chatted.  It was nice to have the visit and it was a beautiful day.  Even with company there are chores to be done and the kids of course wanted to help.  Here are a few shots from our afternoon.

Time to collect the eggs.

Unfortunately the chickens were less then welcoming.  They don’t like “little people” so much I don’t think. 

After much help from Uncle Loren with reasuring words like, “you are fine” and “they are more scared of you then they are of you”, the kids mustering up enough courage and collected the eggs. 

After lunch there was hay that had to be raked.  Loren got a little help while he was close to the house.   Ms. Kate was not afraid at all of the big and loud tractor.

Our other little visitors decided to “just watch” the tractor.

They also took a little “posed walk” for a cute picture.

Here they want to know if they are done yet.  Ha.

After the goodbye’s were said Loren and I headed out to work on the hay.  Our total bale count was 176 this time around.  Most from the meadow and the road ditch, both of which we baled without the hay rack and had to go back to pick them up.  Fortunately I got to be the tractor driver on those two trips and Loren ran and picked up the bales, throwing them up to the rack.  It is a hard job but he does it so effortlessly that I forget how much work it is until I hop on down and grab a couple.  We also bailed some of the hay field and there I was back on the rack stacking the bales as high as I could go. 

So there was no bbq around these parts, no fireworks to be seen, just another work day where the list gets longer and longer it seems. 

Happy belated 4th everyone.



  1. It looks like you spent the 4th the same way I did, loving on nieces and nephews!

  2. Beautiful photos of your little farmstead, the sky and the clouds, etc. The kids are so cute, and it looks like they had lots of fun once they got over their fear of those hens. :)

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