Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 10, 2008

A brief lunch exchange …

Yesterday for lunch I made chili.  I have been wanting to make it for months but with the whole “soaking the beans” aspect it hasn’t happened.  I don’t really know why I wanted to make it because I have somewhat of an aversion to any food based on a red tomato sauce … call me crazy, but there is just something about tomato that screams “yuck!” to me.  The biggest factor besides the taste of tomato is the smell … just something about it that doesn’t set so well.  I can tolerate the whole tomato thing sometimes though and so when I told Loren I was thinking about making chili this week he said “Wonderful! That is a great idea”.  So yesterday I had finally remembered to soak the kidney beans the night before and they were ready for me to throw everything in to make the beans taste like chili.  I threw lots of spices in it, and since Loren likes spicy chili (and other foods) I tried my best to add enough … I tend to go bland most of the time.  In the end it actually smelled pretty good and I thought that I had covered the tomato smell quite nicely.

We sat down to lunch … and I guess I should say that just Loren ate … I had a late breakfast and I still wasn’t too sure that I would like the chili.  I put his bowl on the table with a glass of water as usual.  He rarely drinks the water at lunch because he is usually running pretty late but I still put it there so that it looks like I really set the table.

Eating the chili begins and here is where the “exchange” takes place.

Me … “So, how it is it?, is it ok?, cause it smells good but I didn’t try it … is it tolerable?”

Loren … Taking a drink of water … “it’s good … it’s hot”

Me … “Like spicy hot?”

Loren … Taking another drink of water … “yep!, it isn’t a bad hot cause it is good, but you must have put in enough chili powder”

Me … “I did because I wanted to cover up with tomato taste”

Loren … finishing his glass of water … “well, you certainly accomplished that … but it is good, I am not complaining” … now breathing heavily to eliminate some of the heat flaming in his mouth.

Me … “Oh, you know what else it could be that is causing it to be so hot is all the cyan pepper I threw in there!”

Loren … looking at me and shoveling the last of it in his mouth since he was already running late “yeah it is hot”.

He got up to leave and I was feeling bad, then noticed his empty water glass and said “oh my gosh you never drink all your water” and so I filled it as he put his shoes on and went to the fridge to get his work lunch.  In those few seconds he had already gulped the large glass of water down. 

Apparenlty the chili was too hot.  I did have some later but I am a cheese and sour cream chili eater and even with that added it was super hot. 

I wonder when chili will be requested around these parts again?



  1. I didn’t think you could get anything too spicy for Loren. Very funny post!

  2. I think it’s sweet that he didn’t complain…

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