Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 10, 2008

A question of numbers …

I have a baby shower coming up in a week or so and since I live far far away from the world of shopping I am thinking “homemade”.  Actually, it isn’t that I live so far away from stores as I really like to give homemade stuff.  I could buy something with a little trip to a few stores but what would I find?, “made in china” junk and most likely poor quality.  I know that not everything is junk but really, when it comes to baby stuff I like it to be soft and fun, and practical, oh and I need to admit that I am bit cheap as well.  You should know by now if you visit here often that I am a wee bit complicated.  All part of my charm I like to say.

I thought and thought about what I could make for this baby shower.  The make and model of this particular baby is still under wraps, and that means that more thought has to go into it.  The thought of making a quilt suitable for a boy or a girl just seems silly to me.  Part of the joy of making a baby quilt is making it obviously boy or girl. 

After much thought I went with …

Burp Cloths! 

Good idea right?  Well, I think so because I did a little checking and I hear that mom’s and I am sure dad’s too love burp cloths and they aren’t something that people get when they have a baby shower … or at least they aren’t very common.   I checked with Grandma Mary and she said to make them 6 inches by 12 inches since I don’t have any burp cloths as a pattern and away I went.

I made some … and by some I mean 62!  Call me crazy, but I just kept cutting them out and once the pile was there  I just had to finish them all.  I actually have 3 that got a wee-bit crooked and need some repair, so really I almost made 65. 

I am not too worried about the number because the list of babies recently arrived and babies on the way is HUGE and 62 will be gone in no time.  But I have a problem … how many do I give?  Is it a simple set of 3, or 4, or 6?  Or more?  Loren thought at least 7 but that is mostly because he is a boy and super logical and was thinking “one for each day”.  I told him that I would want a dozen. 

So I need your help here … Mom’s … Dad’s … Aunt’s … Grandma’s … anyone who has a thought?  How many burp cloths would you like in a cute little stack?

Incase you wanted to see the printed fabrics close up … because I would want to …

Way too cute right?  I did some solid pink and solid yellows too.  I really like them all and they all make me smile.  I am however most partial to the last ones with the cowboys.  I used that fabric on the back of the first quilt I made for Loren while we were dating.  I had enough fabric leftover to make almost 12 of those I think.  I might just have to save a few (or all 12) and put them in a hope chest for the future … that would be fun huh?  Too bad I don’t have a hope chest.  I do however have future baby stuff in a laundry basket somewhere and so that must count and I can’t help but have hope because without that life sure would be miserable.



  1. I would vote for 6, not sure why. Whoever gets them and however many there are, I’m sure they’re going to be so happy that you took the time to make a homemade gift. They’re always the best and these will be so useful! I sure like the patterns you chose, good job!

  2. Those are so nice…I love the fabrics and I’m amazed you made so many so fast. So you are AHEAD…what happened to the Procrastinator Poofergirl??? I also think 6 is a good number and would make a good shower gift. If you wanted to do 7 you could embroider days of the week on them like your dishtowels. :)

  3. That settles it…I first thought 6 too. Three of each kind maybe.

    here is another homemade gift idea. I made a few…my girls loved these.

    When Raena was in the hospital down in the cities she was given a different but similar one. The main body of the square was quilted with different types of material (textures).

    Great gift idea! You can NEVER have enough burp clothes!

  4. i say 12. if you have four different patterns, 3 of each. i don’t know…depending how often you do laundry. cuz if you can also use them as wiping spit up—it seems that we can never find enough for Eddie!! but 6 is a good number too. i like them so much!!! maybe someday you can make me some!! (no i don’t know anything that you don’t know!)

  5. Well, it depends. If you are planning to give them enough that they don’t need to buy any more, I’d go with 12.

    It sort of depends on if the baby spits up a lot. With 3 of my kids, who were big spitter-uppers, we could easily go through 4 a day. With the ones who spit less, we still often went through 2 a day.

    So there’s my .02.

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