Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 24, 2008

Weeding … not for the weak.

Have you been looking for me?  Oh, well I have been in the garden.  It’s been a long time actually since I have been out there.  After that whole “hail” issue awhile back I was too depressed to go out there.  Sad but true.  I just couldn’t bring myself to go back out there and see all those terribly flat and broken plants that the day before were thriving little veggies ready to grow big and strong and fill my freezer.  But I had to finally go out there.  It was sisters fault actually.  She was here a couple weeks ago and wanted to see the damage.  I went to show her and she started to weed some, I don’t know why since it was just so overwhelming.  We uncovered a couple of squash that looked like they were going to make it and then we surveyed the rest and actually, it didn’t look half bad.  She spent a few hours out there after I finished up my rows of carrots and decided that was enough for me and I headed back to the house. 

I am sure it won’t shock anyone too terrible to know that I don’t really like to weed.  The only person that I know that I believe when they say “I like to weed” is my husband and well, he is just sorta strange sometimes.  I believe him though … he really would love to be out in the dirt picking one weed at a time.  But, he is at work making money while I am cursing the weeds in hopes of some veggies in my freezer.  I kid about the cursing, I don’t really curse at them because it isn’t so bad once I get going … it’s just the “get going” that is tough.  I can be in the garden standing in the row knowing that all I have to do is start and I will just stand there … cause it really seems like a horrible job …  but once I get down on my trusty knees I gotta admit, it isn’t horrible after all. 

You may recall that I already boasted about having all my rows of veggies weeded.  That is true, I did and thankfully I am not contending with all the weeds that could be out there.  See, these weeds that I am now pulling are the “middle of the row” weeds.  The ones that are not supposed to be weeded by hand, but rather getting rid of them with a hoe or even the tiller.  The story goes that I begged and pleaded from the beginning to have the man behind the hoe and/or tiller to get it done before they were too big for either option.  Well, life got in the way … in the way of 2 high maintenance cows and their equally high maintenance baby calves and so the man behind the hoe and/or tiller became the man behind the cow milking her by hand at 3am every night after work as she fought the process every step of the way.  So it isn’t his fault, just the way it is.  Oh and in addition to the added chores my poor husband has been working Saturdays, which well … completely stinks!  That is our one day to get ahead of things and when the hoeing and/or tilling would have taken place.  It’s been a busy busy summer and the weeds have been left to grow.  

Why didn’t I just hoe or till?  Well, that is a good question.  Apparently our hoe is extra rusty and extra dull as I was told … and I was advised not to even try it because I would be irritated and frustrated and way overworked.  I headed the advice.  And the tiller is really big and heavy … I didn’t even get any advice on that one, I was just told “no”, you can’t till.  I don’t argue when I am told not to work.  What silly person would? 

So I have been weeding the dreaded “middle of the rows” for the past 3 days.  I should have known it would be the end result and I should have known to just get out there when they were smaller but I kept thinking “oh man, that tiller will get rid of them so fast!” and so I waited … as they grew bigger and bigger. 

We have been saying for weeks now that we gotta get started out there.  Of course the “we” in this case is mostly “me” which is why it has been put off for weeks.  :)  Well, Monday came and Loren went to start the process of the weeding.  It is great that he did, even if it were only a portion of the peas and a few tomatoes because once it was started it seemed less big to me and the garden has once again become mine and that is where my time is being spent. 

The biggest area of concern were the tomatoes … after the hail, the plants were no longer shading the little weeds preventing them from growing since they were flat to the ground and so they grew and grew.   The tomatoes were my last two rows to complete before the hail.  Turns out that beneath all those big weeds there were lots of beautiful tomato plants!  That was great.  They are flowering and a few have tiny tomatoes in process.  I spent 8 hours on two 100 foot rows of tomatoes.  But, they are done!  And they look fantastic.  We do need some rain though.  If it doesn’t rain then I get to start watering the garden and that is a whole other post.  Ha.  :) 

Did I mention how big these weeds are?, Oh well, … they are about to my waist! … yeah … really big.  There are lots of them that resemble a small tree and let me just say that the roots … good golly, you gotta be tough to weed in our garden. 

There is some real progress out there and amazingly, it looks like most everything has popped back up and grown really well despite the hail. For that I am very grateful.  I would say that I have about a fourth of the garden “done”, as in ready for a photo shoot and so when it is all done (my goal is next week) then I will take some pictures for you … it is really turning out to be a beautiful place out there after all.  So if you are looking for me head to garden I am the one hiding in all those big weeds.



  1. Good for you! My mom is 85 and she lives in town and loves to pull weeds. She’ll even walk over to her neighbor’s driveway and pull one if she sees one coming up through the cement. Her lawn and flower bed are always “weed free” Too bad she’s not your neighbor, she’d love to help!

  2. Too bad YOUR mom is just like you in that department. :) I barely manage to weed my 20 feet of flower bed, my one barrel planter and little pot of flowers around the light post. I had a feeling the garden would survive the hail. :)

    Maybe, just like doing someone else’s housework, someone else’s weeding could actually be enjoyable.

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