Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 30, 2008

A funny little thank you.

Yesterday we received a thank you note from a neighbor that graduated from high school this past spring.   We gave him a little cash to help with his up coming college experience.  Here is what it said …

“Dear Loren and Stephanie …

Thank you for supporting the Alexander Nelson Escape fund.

Your donation was greatly appreciate.

Alex Nelson”

I laughed out loud!  I never laugh out loud … or at least I should say it is very infrequent.  It seriously made my day cause well, it is just a very clever and witty note. 

I will have to save it for awhile because it still makes me chuckle.



  1. That IS pretty funny!

  2. Very cute.

    This reminded me of our senior class T-shirts. On the front it said, “Graduation, the end of a twelve-year depression.” And on the back listed the names of everyone in the class.

  3. Do you think his parents know?! How funny. I didn’t laugh out loud but I did smile. I think I laugh too much all the time and I must’ve run short. Maybe I used up my quota for the week already.

  4. Loren was a bit concerned about his parents too cause he thought it seemed a little mean but then I said “have you met his mother?”. Ha … she probably laughed more then I did so I assume that they are ok. Witty kids like him don’t just happen. :)

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