Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 30, 2008

hungry farm help …

My nephew is here for the week … he is great … almost 17 and loves to come and hang out at the farm and help us out.  Hopefully this week I will get some photos of work being accomplished.  Loren is home for a few days on vacation and the past two days they have worked very hard … so hard infact that showers with soap in the evenings have been mandatory.  Ha.  It has been terribly hot but it doesn’t seem to slow them down.  

This morning Loren was teaching Devan how to drive the tractor because they are heading to the neighbors to drop off the bobcat which Loren will need to drive over and then they need to pick up a wagon and bring it back here.  So Devan will drive the tractor.  I gotta say that it makes me a little nervous.  Apparently those Mom genes work with or without a child of your own.  I saw him cruise out down the driveway and instantly a little prayer went up.   The tractor pretty much putts along but still, there is some danger and I love to worry. 

So anyway, as Loren was teaching him to drive the tractor up and down the driveway I was watching while muching on some breakfast and kept thinking “those would be fun pictures” … and that was about as far as I got to actually leaving my chair until they were back up in the yard.  I finally went out to take some pictures only to have them show up blurry when I put them on my computer.  Huge bummer.  I went out and said “look at me” and so they did … for about .07 seconds and then went back to not looking at me.  So I said “look at me and smile!” and Devan said in his best 3 year old voice “WHY?” … he is a really funny kid … and I said “cause it is cute and you will thank me later”.  Well, it was cute and he would thank me later IF it was more clear.  It goes against most everything I believe in, but I will post a blurry picture.  Sigh.  I am so disappointed in myself but really, I gotta show you something. 

So it has been a busy week … I have been in the kitchen lots and though I don’t mind it most times, today I am ready to resign from my position as head farm cook.  I just can’t seem to get motivated to cook yet another big farm meal for hungry farm workers.  I will find the motivation somewhere though … and it will taste great and there will be compliments all around but really, isn’t toast and cereal ok for a farm lunch?



  1. They both look very happy, and cooperative. I guess anyone can be cooperative for .07 seconds. :)

    Hope you get out of the kitchen for awhile today. Maybe cereal and toast would be OK after supper as a bedtime snack!
    OOPS, guess I just added a meal.

  2. Great pic! It isn’t that blurry. I think it’s just it’s so sunny. I’m glad you are getting some great help from your nephew this summer! :)

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